I’m a mom who is no better or worse than most other moms out there. I’ve learned a lot while raising 4 kids, and still have days when managing to hold onto my sanity is a little sketchy… I think I’ve got one kid for each “difficult phase” at all times. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes I’m tired of trying to pee with a baby on my lap, and I’m definitely tired of spying on my teens every moment they are awake. I’ve always loved writing, often using it as my own personal therapy through the years. New to blogging, I have quickly discovered how satisfying it can be to connect with others this way. The only thing I love more than writing, is reading. I alone probably support the salary of someone working at Amazon.com with the number of books I buy from there. (That’s nothing, I’m pretty sure Target can thank me for a couple employee’s too). I did get smart and just start getting books on my kindle, but now this forces me to read in the dark with my head under the covers so I don’t keep hubby awake. Small price…. but getting up for work the next morning is not my favorite time. Eating. I also love eating. It’s what I base my vacations around, and I have been known to cry from hunger in rare circumstances. I bake to procrastinate, it works out for everyone.

I write about what moves me, I have tried to follow a prescribed calendar, but usually write about things happening as they occur. I hope you find something that touches you in some way (not a creepy way…), if you do, let me know!


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