Lazy pumpkins

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Lately I don’t have time for anything it seems. I’m squeezing in time every day to get my work done so I can get the kids from school, then homework, dinner, quality time, bed time, cleaning time, …and more work from home. It’s never ending right now.

So, imagine my excitement when I found these cute little pumpkin craft kits from Target.  I had already purchased the amazing, deluxe, full of multiple cutting tools and guaranteed to slice through an artery pumpkin decorating kit, with not one but TWO pumpkin scoopers…. but I wasn’t upset about keeping it on a shelf until maybe next year.

Instead, to optimize quality time and reduce stress and clean up, and bandaging later, we got a few of these craft kits.

All went well, it was a beautiful day so we were able to work outside and save the kitchen floor that had just been washed by yours truly.

I’m pretty sure the paint wasn’t washable, and I was flirting with disaster by letting them paint in brand new clothes…… but I was willing to take the risk. Thankfully, it worked out.

There was a kit for every imagination……

Everyone was suitably impressed with their pumpkins, and of course secretly liked their own way better than the other ones.

This lazy pumpkin decorating was fast, satisfying to all parties, and accomplished my goal of “quality time” while allowing enough time for one more activity I had been looking forward to since waking up at 6am that morning…..


Can Shaun T change my life??

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One night, I had a small episode of motivation. These can be really bothersome, but I can never tell when they might happen and so can’t figure out how to avoid them.

Anyway, this episode resulted in me deciding to find the FASTEST workout to completely change my body, transforming me into the goddess who I know is hiding inside of me……somewhere…..

Looking for something I would actually do, and not too expensive so I can avoid excess guilt when I decide I don’t have time or inclination to finish the program, I found a promising workout called “T 25”

FOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes

Feeling my motivation starting to taper off, I quickly added Shaun to my cart, and went back to my sedentary life until a few days later when a box was left at my door.

I opened it. Looked at the stuff. Put it back for about a week. I thought about it a lot though. Finally decided I needed to pick a start day, kind of like how a smoker needs to choose a quit day to be more successful when they decide to stop.

On my first day, the two little ones accompanied me to the basement for my workout. I was surprised at how much I liked this guy, Shaun T, I’d never heard of him before. He was just so nice!  He didn’t yell, but he didn’t stop either, and I ended up in a sweaty heap at the end of the workout.

Sammy was hooked. He loved it, and although the 3 year old also professed to love working out with us, she really just liked to walk around the basement with her shirt off, showing off her muscles.

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Surprisingly, I started to actually follow the calendar. Each day has a workout, and you have a box to check when you are finished, either “nailed it” or “barely made it”. (So far, I’m barely making it)  After a few days, I’d get Sammy asking me, “we doing abs today?”, and the like.

The last 5 minutes sucks is great because he really pushes you past your limit and I find myself begging for the seconds to go by faster. When we finish, I look something like this:

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I am shocked, because I think I might actually stick with this….and I never REALLY figured that was an option. It’s hard, it hurts, and the other day it even hurt to put deodorant on. Even my armpits are sore!!

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I’ll keep you posted on my progress….🙂



Weird DMV experience

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I don’t know how it is for everyone else in the country, but where I live, a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is right up there with root canal, fork in the eye, or suddenly developing a chocolate allergy.

I do my plate renewal online, get the sticker in the mail and go on my merry way each year.

But sometimes….. a trip to this hell is unavoidable.

What I can usually expect from my local DMV is gross incompetence, elevated to an art form. Frowning faces, long lines, and bad attitudes. I have to go there in person when my drivers license expires, and also when I’ve been lucky enough to lose my license, or have to change my name.

I always have a fear that I’m not going to pass the eye exam, somehow I won’t see the flashing light off to the side as I have to press the greasy button down with my forehead to read the tiny rows of letters.

Yesterday I took a chance after I dropped the kids at school, I needed to get my license renewed before the following week. Expecting to see the usual long lines filled with blank staring faces, I was shocked to see it empty!

Not only that, but I was immediately called over to a girl with a SMILE ON HER FACE. Then, she complimented me on my shirt. I almost wanted to step out and just check the name on the building, was I in the right place??

It didn’t stop there. As we went over the details to be printed on my license, she asks if my height and weight are the same. Sadly, no… I tell her she’ll need to change the weight ’cause I’ll never see that number again. “You want me to keep it for you?” She asks, so nicely….  “Nah, better change it”. I’m realistic, that ship has sailed.

Before I know it, I’ve passed the test (the head rest is still greasy…), and it’s time for the picture. Isn’t this the worst part? I never feel like I should smile, I never know when they’re going to actually take the picture, and I never know quite where to look. I end up looking stern, and a little spaced out usually.

Not this time!

She shows me where to look, tells me when to smile, and then…. she asks me if I want to see the picture before she uses it.

I am floored.

Who does that!!??

And guess what? It was the best drivers license picture I’ve ever taken. I swear she used a filter, I’ve got an awesome golden looking glow that I didn’t walk in there with, and I don’t look stressed out or pissed off!

I was out of there in less than 15 minutes, my faith in humanity slightly restored, calling a goodbye to my new best friend at the DMV.

Best birthday present ever.

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Death to all fruit flies



It’s that time of year again. I’ve gotten past the tiny black ant phase, and now we’re deep into the pesky fruit fly phase.

Swarming bastards of the fruit bowl……

So for your enjoyment, I offer my most effective method to murder as many fruit flies as possible with very little effort.

  1. Grab a jar, or any tallish container
  2. A plastic baggie
  3. tape
  4. apple cider vinegar

A. Pour vinegar to at least cover an inch of container, up to half of the container

B. Place baggie over top and poke a corner down into the jar after cutting that corner off the bag. You are making a funnel into the container. Ideally the open corner should end just above the fill line, and near the side of the container.

C. Then tape the bottom of the baggie around the container so nothing can escape.

I put out one trap last week….. and I lost track of the number of fruit flies I caught. It gives me great and kind of disturbing pleasure to find them caught…walking around the edges of the container looking for a way out…. so I can smash them and leave their little corpses frozen there, stuck for eternity in their plastic enclosed chamber of death.

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You get the idea…

Go forth people, let’s make our kitchens great again!







Don’t be nice, it’s scary



I’ve been going to this dentist for a while now, I found the office on Angie’s list years ago when I was searching for someone I could feel comfortable with….I hate the dentist and I hate sitting in the dentists chair. Those shiny little metal hooks, all those instruments lined up ready to gouge me when I least expect it….. It’s terrifying.

So when I started going to this office for my cleanings, I was happy to find that the dentist and all his staff are incredibly gentle and nice. They make sure I’m comfortable, explain everything they are going to do before they do it, and give me time to deal with my fear of having them poking around in my mouth.

But, I think I’m going to quit. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now…. something about that office bothers me.

They are very nice. Actually, TOO nice…..



There is something twilight zone-ish about walking in and having everyone, EVERYONE ask me about a vacation I took months ago, after my last visit. It’s not just “Oh hey, didn’t you say you were going on a trip, how was it?”

No…. it’s “Oh, how was Disney with the kids? You were going to stay at the Dolphin hotel, right? I heard it rained that weekend, 4 months ago…. cause I was just at home thinking about you guys on your vacation and decided to track the weather the whole time you were in Florida so we’d have something to talk about when you came in for your next cleaning…”

And it’s the whole office. They ALL know. It freaks me out.

Obviously they take note of what we talk about,  so the patient feels like they are important and cared about….  I should be thrilled that I’m treated so well, that they try so hard to make me feel like what I say to them really matters, as I chat around the pair of hands stuffed in my mouth…

This happens every visit. I walk in and it’s like these people are my best friends. But not my real, genuine best friends. It feels too Stepfordy. Too perfect. Something is wrong. NO ONE is that nice all the time.

On the one hand I really want to know how to get my own staff to this level of polite perfection, I would love them to answer the phone by telling everyone what a great day they’re having!  On the other hand, I feel if I dig too deep, ask too many questions, they might lock me in a back room never to be seen again. It’s how my mind works. You’re treating me too well, what are you hiding???

Another Kidpik review

Since parting ways with my own styling service, I’ve had so much more fun waiting for Jenna’s boxes to be delivered. It helps that it’s only a seasonal thing-we can’t get bored very fast, and also that her entire box costs about the same as one piece of clothing from mine.

And the cuteness of it.

I’m not a lover of trying on clothes at all, but just for myself. I LOVE trying clothes on her, and thankfully she’s like minded. When we saw that box in the driveway yesterday, we both squealed🙂

And so without further ado….I give you….(drum roll)

Another KIDPIK review!!!

She jumped for the glitter shirt right away, and paired it with the softest and most comfy skinny jeans ever. Now that we’re in school, all pants must pass the “pull down and up” test for bathroom success…. happy to say these elastic waist pants made the cut. Glitter shoes were also put on immediately as she recited where she would be sporting them.


She likes the “workout” appeal


I wasn’t crazy about the multi-colored sleeveless top, but it’s sparking joy for her


“I look like a teenager”

She’s already planning her outfit for school (sparkly top, skinny jeans, glitter shoes). All pants pass the bathroom test, so it looks like we’re keeping everything.


soft rhinestone bracelet with snap closure is part of her wardrobe

shameless bead advertising is a bonus gift, I think she likes this one more


grand total, with 30% discount for keeping all items, $64.05.


This is our second box, check out her first box here..  Still love the fact that there is no styling fee, none!  If I give it all back, we are out nothing. All the clothes are comfy and easy to get on and off, also versatile so we can mix and match. And the cost…. most items are $12-$14, that’s pretty cheap compared to stores around us.

She gets a bonus little gift (bracelet this box) as well as coloring pages as well. The shoes came in a soft bag with strings that she wants to wear on her back for some important reason she hasn’t yet thought of….

I really, really like this service.  Every season is perfect for us to get boxes, although we can get them more or less often if we want.

A win-win!

And no, I have not been contacted by Kidpik to review their boxes or given any compensation for this very flattering review…. we just like it that much🙂






Lets do it the hard way!

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Today was training, our group is changing EHR systems, that’s electronic health records for any of you lucky enough to not know…..

So the whole point of this is to save time, improve documentation, make things BETTER. Save paper, because everything is available electronically, right?…..right??!!

In a perfect world, this would make sense. In the most controlled of situations, it works. But it definitely doesn’t save time……. in fact most offices I know have hired more staff  just to help navigating and completing the charting now. We spend more time charting than with our patients….not by our choice.

There is still paper. Paper all over, paper to be scanned INTO the records…. paper kept in paper charts because our silly EHR system likes to freeze, or shut down a lot…. And funny enough, paper to be printed and given to patients each time they come if you want Medicare to like you.

So…. an example for you, to help understand the very special misery only using an EHR can provide……

Let’s use the example of getting dressed in the morning.

Used to be simple…. underwear items, outer layers, socks, shoes, coat….. whatever embellishments you liked, and done.

Now, you need to choose underwear that Medicare will recognize and give you credit for wearing, and so you have to get the fancy ones that you don’t wear very much and then you can only put them on if  you are facing east, and step into them with your right leg, followed by your left. You can’t sit down, and you can’t fall over or you lose 5% of  your reimbursement.

Your pants and shirt must be in the same color family, they can’t clash, and your shirt can’t be a shirt that too many people have or else you won’t get credit for wearing it unless you do something like rip a big hole in it, so it’s different enough but still the same shirt.

You have to ask your socks about their history, and their family history, and if they smoke, and if they feel depressed every time you put them on. Especially the smoking and depressed thing.

You have to chant a few nonsenses words, and do ten toe touches then turn around three times after each article of clothing….. and then you have to teach your shoes how to tie themselves, because otherwise you are just enabling them every time you tie the damn things.

A very loose example….. but the frustration would be the same…..