Dear Taco Bell:

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Exhibit A. The Taco Salad.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot over the past 15 months. Mostly hangry thoughts. Sometimes sad too.

I hadn’t realized how much I depended on you for happiness, until you ripped away the one thing I needed from you. You left me alone, to face the world without taco salads.

I remember how it started……..

Last year, I drove through the Taco Bell by my house….. ready for the kind of guilty pleasure I knew you could provide. I left unsatisfied, but not hopeless…. that came later.

I tried ordering on Door Dash a couple times, and found the taco salad wasn’t available on the menu. Silly me, I thought there must be a shell shortage or something. The world was going crazy with Covid and shut downs… I thought it may be some supply chain issue. I was prepared to wait it out.

Then, I found out you had taken it off the menu. Like forever. Just like that.

I was surprised by my reaction to be honest. I didn’t eat taco salads all the time. Maybe every other month, but I could COUNT on them to be there…..waiting for me. Then, with no warning, taco salads disappear, and I’m just supposed to move on???!!

Look, I can’t explain it…. I’ve managed to roll with the changes that happen at most other places. Applebee’s changed their honey mustard years ago, now it sucks and I just don’t go there anymore. I’m fine with it though… Friendly’s closed down completely, no more cheap but delicious quesadillas and peanut butter cup sundaes. I’ve had many disappointments when restaurants change their menu. But Taco Bell, I held you to a higher standard!

I know, I can make my own. I DO make my own… but it’s not the same. Yes, it’s still delicious, and far healthier…. but it’s not the same comfort food that I depend on you for. I want YOUR taco salad. the EXACT way I’m used to it.

What could I have done different, did you not know how important you were to me?

I think I’m going through the stages of grief, honestly. I’m currently at the bargaining stage, I could live with it-I guess- if I could just have something to look forward to. Can’t you bring it back once or twice a year at least?? I never even got a chance to say goodbye.

Who made this decision anyway, had they never tasted a taco salad before? Are they against food that must be eaten with a fork? Does a flaky shell offend them? Can we just talk about this?