Best book ever

We try to read as many nights as possible to the kids. Some books I absolutely hate, I dread when they get picked, I try to coerce the kids into picking something I like instead. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

The best thing ever, is when we all love the same book. I never get tired of reading a few…and even Jenna has some of our “David” books memorized from all of our potty reading lately.

I recently read a blog post, another mom giving a critique of her kids reading material….something she does weekly.

Well, I am certainly not motivated to commit to a weekly, or even monthly book review, but reading her post made me realize something.

I must share. I own the most perfect book ever written.

No. It’s not 50 shades of anything.


Yes!!!  It’s 4 pups and a worm!

It has all aspects of a great kids story. Friends, enterprising friends who start a business together to use their talents helping those less fortunate. Those with broken lawn mowers, those who need zippers zipped, those who need to borrow frogs.

Just call 4 pups and a worm! THEY LEND FROGS.



After the pups and Sherm (the worm) introduce themselves and their numerous talents, we get further details of their greatness as we follow the group on an adventure to save Bernice Bee. She got stuck up in a flower. True story.

damsel in distress

damsel in distress

The guys are up to the task, and get Bernice down in 7 minutes!! Then of course they refuse the wads of money she offers for payment, choosing instead to have some of her delicious honey. What a great team! Now, you have to be careful, there are plenty of knock off groups trying to get in on the action. Don’t worry, the pups will tell you ahead of time who to watch out for…..



Just a gentle reminder of who can deliver the goods, and who just wishes they could….

I love the cheesy way this book rhymes, I can’t stop myself from sing-songing my way through it. The kids love participating, and it doesn’t take long for them to catch on to the rhyming, and learn to fill in the last word so they can finish my sentences…..

“If you need a bubble bath and are down to your last bubble–

call 4 Pups and a Worm. (Delivering bubbles is no…..(and this is where everyone joins in) TROUBLE!)

I don’t tire of this book. It’s amazingly simple yet captivating. Check it out 🙂




4 thoughts on “Best book ever

  1. Yay! I’m glad you did this! It’s kind of fun, right? I’ll have to check this book out for sure. But I will be sure not to review it… I’ll leave this one up to you 🙂

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