Manifestation vibration

I mentioned before that I am a big reader. I will read pretty much anything, especially if I can download it for free on my kindle.

I came across a catchy tidbit that will teach me the 18 Universal Laws…. to change my life. I haven’t finished it yet, and I hesitate to share it because everyone might run out there and read it to completion, and manifest all sorts of things to make their lives better, depleting the universe of all the greatness that I want for myself. So…..sorry. You’ll have to figure it out on your own.

I will give you a little sneak peek though.

Now remember, I haven’t finished it. I might be missing some powerful information. But so far… if you want love, money, fame, or really ANYTHING, you just have to believe you want it. You deserve it. You expect it.

And then vibrate more.

Oversimplifying? I have no idea!

We all vibrate, you know, on an atomic level. Remember science class, protons, neutrons, electrons… everything has a charge and all those little atoms are literally just vibrating with energy?? I imagine that is the vibrating we are to be thinking about, and we just need to find a way to amp it up. I guess it’s pretty darn irresistible when your atoms are vibrating so much they are just ready to blow apart.

Figure out how to do this. And then just believe that you deserve whatever you want. Because you’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And doggone it, people LIKE you!

This guy is literally vibrating all over the place…. feel it???

I mentioned this to my little brother, always game for a good get rich quick idea. Explained the theory-so far-. Gave him the name of the book so he can download it, and maybe one of us will actually finish it so we can change our lives!! We could rule the world!

List of things I will manifest:

1. A full nights sleep

2. Jenna being potty trained

3. My 18 year old body back

4. Oh, money…lots of money!

What would YOU want?

Happy Manifesting!!


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