Spanish lesson

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My 13 year old is taking Spanish class.

He is the master of Spanish Class.

He sometimes asks me to give him a sentence, ANY sentence, and he will translate it in Spanish.

I start with some basic stuff that I will know as well. “Where is the bathroom?” “Give me a pencil.” “Your dog smells bad”

He doesn’t know the word for “smells”, argues that it’s not an important word when having a basic conversation. I think if you are in fact with someone who only speaks Spanish, and you smell gas or a fire…. it could be a really important word to know.

I move on.

“Your cat is stuck in my throat”

He smiles, “Su Gato es stucka en la garganta”

I run to Google translator. “Ok!” He’s laughing…. “it’s really not es stucka!” (no kidding)

but I was still impressed.

cat1 cat

And can I just say…. I had NO idea I could actually find an image to go along with having a cat stuck in your throat, or a cat about to be stuck in your throat. But there are many. So this is a phrase that may well come in handy, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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