Birthday failure


His birthday is in 3 days.

Three days!!!!


Why do I not know what to get him? All during the year I think of these amazing ideas, I tuck them somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind…so I don’t forget them. But I do forget them. Every damn time.

What does he like, what does he like.


The kids



Fancy furniture

Gold gilding

This is not a helpful list.

Usually, I fall back on the kids. Something with the kids….but I’ve done it all. A video, a digital picture frame, more pictures, photo books…….. maybe a new kid? No……..

Maybe the kids….sitting on fancy, gold gilded furniture…eating pistachios… Vegas…….

It’s ok. I’ll think of something.


5 thoughts on “Birthday failure

  1. Kids away at babysitter’s. You standing in doorway of bedroom naked with a bottle of massage oil in one hand and a jar of pistachios in the other.

    Then say in your sexiest voice, “I decided not to wrap your present.”

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