You’ll love it, actually

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I had some unexpected downtime this afternoon, thanks to my reliable clumsiness in the kitchen.

It had been at least a week since  my last broken glass, so no surprise when the vessel slipped out of my soapy hands to shatter in the kitchen sink. Of course I decided to keep washing and clean up the glass when I was finished. This allowed me to impale my hand nicely on a jagged shard sticking up at me as I reached for a plastic cup.

An impressive amount of blood and superglue later, I thought I would give myself a couple hours of hand rest to make sure the glue was going to hold under the super tight bandage. Perfect time for the kids to nap and I decided to watch something on my kindle as I sat quietly and safely next to them.

I watched “Love Actually”, for probably the 5th time.

Honestly, I don’t think I could ever get sick of that movie!

It does an amazingly good job of exploring every emotion one can experience in a relationship. The agony of unrequited love. The happiness of mutual infatuation/love. Bereavement, hope, despair, hilarity, and tears as well.

You meet a group of people and explore their relationships with each other, their significant others, as well as families and friends….. all are somehow tied together as you follow along.

Every time I watch, I find a new focus.

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This time…. it’s this couple. Well, not a couple really… She’s been in love with him since she started working at the same office. Everyone knows. It’s been years, nothing exchanged but quick hello’s and furtive glances.

Finally. FINALLY at the office Christmas party, he asks her to dance. You watch them dance, see him play with her hair. See the smile on her face, she can’t believe it…. there is tenderness in the way he holds her, SOMETHING is finally happening.

Skip ahead, he almost drops her off at home and leaves, both still so shy… but he seems tired of this game they’re playing, offers to come in. This is her doing a happy dance around the corner from him, her dreams are coming true!!!

Upstairs, clothes are coming off. Wow, his arms!!

And then her phone rings…. as it rings throughout the movie for her. She tries to wrap the call up, explains to him she has a brother who is “not well”.  He’s understanding….. they proceed.

Rrrriiiinnnnng… RRrriiiinnnnnggg..

He asks her not to answer. She looks so torn, but no….she can’t ignore it.

And that’s it.

The moment is gone. She’s focused on the phone, to a mentally ill brother calling for her, needing her. She covers herself, sinks to the floor, and removes herself from the magic.

This reminds me of another missed moment in another movie…. remember the little Mermaid? Remember when she was soooo close to getting kissed by the prince, and breaking the spell? And then upset by the sea witch and her blasted eels.

It’s that hope, every time I watch this movie, that somehow, somehow the phone won’t ring, won’t interrupt, and this couple will find each other and be able to hold on. Every time that doesn’t happen I just die a little inside for them.

They go back to their lives. Working together. Being polite. That’s it.

This is one tiny moment in a movie full of moments. Big and small, all coming together to leave me feeling both sad and uplifted at the end. Hoping that next time I watch, every one will have a happy ending, and compelled to watch anyway because it’s just so good.

There are a few movies I love like this. An Affair to Remember, The Princess Bride…

Is there anyone out there who loves or hates this movie?

What other movies have you seen that you would never tire of?


Can’t be unseen….

One day I was at work, minding my own business….working…..

A nurse came to speak with me. After we talked about work stuff, we kept talking. I don’t know how it happened, but she began to tell me about some crazy/strange/freaky movies she’s seen.

One was about a crazy doctor who wants to make a human centipede.

If you’ve seen this movie, you understand and probably don’t have to read any further. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…… DON’T watch it.


But, if you’re like me….. you will listen in disgusted fascination to her synopsis of the film…. you will make disgusted faces at the appropriate times. You will say “That’s disgusting!” And you will mean it.

But then you will find yourself at 2am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning with everyone asleep in the house…bored…not tired…and think to yourself, “Hey, let’s just see what that movie is all about….”

And you will rent it from Amazon because you forgot to check and see if it’s free on Netflix, wondering why you are PAYING for this trash. And you will watch it. Immediately realizing it is beyond disgusting. It is more than creepy. It is psychologically damaging. And yet, you are compelled to watch the whole thing…praying at one point that the girl gets away, that she just drops her friend and runs, that the doctor realizes what a freak he is, that no one survives the surgery…..  although you know none of your prayers will come true.

And as events unfold, becoming more and more disturbing, you want to stop watching but now you HAVE to know how it ends.

Finally….. close to 4am, you find yourself exhausted, horrified, and you want to take off the top of your head and scrub out the filth that has just collected there.  And you know, with certainty, you will never forget what you’ve just seen.

It’s been a couple days, I’m trying to distance myself from that experience. Of course the more you want to forget something….

It keeps popping into my head, and I can’t complain to my husband about how gross I feel because he would just blame me for watching it in the first place. He’s right!!

And so I went to work today, saw that nurse. Told her I watched the movie, and she asked me if I’d watched part 2 yet. I think there might be something wrong with her. And me….because I am now wondering if I need to watch it just to stop myself from wondering what in the world could happen in part 2?????