Sick day Creme Brulee

my little caregiver <3

my little caregiver ❤

I’ve been sick. Again. Like we’ve ALL been sick this whole stupid winter.

This time I’ve had a headache and raging sore throat, complete with hacking cough, chills, and sandpaper voice. It’s bad enough that I’ve been sleeping with cough drops under my pillow for emergency relief during the night-it’s only been that bad a couple times in my life.

Yesterday as I sat on the couch, shivering and feeling sorry for myself, my little ones did their best to take care of me. Sammy made me some delicious water. Jenna plied me with many pieces of plastic cake.

Somehow, this did not relieve the aching burn in my throat. For dinner, I had no desire for “real food”. As I rooted through the fridge, then freezer for something soothing…. I came across this.

One of the reasons I love Target. Like, really LOVE Target.

One of the reasons I love Target. Like, really LOVE Target.

I thought it was worth a shot, something smooth, warm, delicious…. and fast.

right out of the box.

right out of the box.

The box contains 2 little ceramic ramekins and 2 little packets of granulated sugar. I made one, and saved one for later. For myself. Because I’m sick.

Directions are super easy, move the oven rack higher, and put the oven on broil. Spread the sugar evenly over the top of the crème brulee and stick it in the oven when it’s hot enough. Do yourself a favor and put it on a cookie sheet or something like I DIDN’T, so you don’t have to reach in and melt your hands as you try to pick up this little ceramic dish full of hot liquid custard when it’s done.

Turn on the oven light, and watch in amazement and the sugar starts to melt and bubble. Keep in it for about 6 minutes. Take it out.

Oooh La-La

Oooh La-La

Now, you are supposed to let it set out for about 10 minutes, and then put it in the fridge for another 10 minutes. This allows the custard to firm up.

I didn’t wait.

I think I put it in the fridge for about 3 minutes so I wouldn’t completely scald myself, then got impatient.

creme2Mmmmmmmmmm. Words can’t describe the awesome relief. My throat maybe cried a little in gratitude.

It was a perfect coating of delicious, creamy goodness for my tortured esophagus. A little runny for some, easily remedied if anyone had the time or inclination to follow directions. I gave a spoon to my husband. Just one spoon. He pronounced it “eggy”.

Since he calls ALL crème brulee we have ever tried “eggy”, I am going to assume he also feels it was restaurant quality.

And you get to keep the cute little dish!!!

I’m eating the 2nd serving tonight. All by myself. Not a bit guilty about that.


Hello movie star smile!!

Oooohhh, sparkly whites!!

Oooohhh, sparkly whites!!

Have you ever tried to whiten your teeth at home?

I’m sure most of us have tried the at home “strips”, right? I have NEVER used them properly. First, I lack the patience to sit for the prescribed amount of time for each treatment. I’ve put them on, and then ripped them off 5 minutes later when I feel that horrible ZING shooting from my tooth into my skull.

I have never finished an entire box. I think my best record is using probably 10 strips over about 3 months time. I don’t know if they’ve worked or not….but psychologically I always feel better even after using one for just 10 minutes.

Haven’t used them in quite some time. Every time I go to Starbucks, or indulge in a cup of tea at home, I consider my pearly whites. I like having a white smile, how can I preserve it???

Enter my latest find.

well, look what caught my eye!

well, look what caught my eye!

I was walking through Walgreens, minding my own business, looking for rubbing alcohol. I think the little laser gun next to the smiling face distracted me. I looked closer….. on SALE for $34.00!!  Super fast teeth whitening with NO sensitivity??!!!

Is there even a question about purchasing this? I didn’t think so.

Now, of course I am skeptical. But it also looks really, really cool. And, it’s on sale.

I am on a mission to prove to myself and my fellow blogger if this kit really lives up to it’s claim. You’re welcome.

I’ve read all the directions. I can do a gazillion treatments in a row, slight chance of some gum irritation, or gum whiteness….but nothing that will last. That’s for the one day results. I can spread my treatments over a week. Whatever I want really. Bottom line seems to be 10 treatments for noticeable effect…. and up to 20 treatments for best effect. After that, I can keep the system, order replacements of whatever I need, and retreat a couple times a year.

Pretty stoked.

So here goes. I’m probably going to end up doing the week treatment, given my track record of follow through. I’ll post before and after, and you can be the judge. Then decide if you also need to have this amazing little wonder kit, or if  you can just save the money for more teeth-staining coffee 🙂

How weird that I am just now noticing my uneven lips when I smile? Here is the smile BEFORE...

How weird that I am just now noticing my uneven lips when I smile? Here is the smile BEFORE…