reading between the lines


The phrase: I have a few more patients to see, and then I’ll be home.

My meaning: I have three patients to see. I will be home in an hour. We can do something when I get home.

Husbands meaning: I have at least 12 patients to see, don’t expect to see me until midnight. Don’t expect to socialize ever again as a couple.


The phrase: Do you want tea?

My meaning: do you want tea?

Husbands meaning: Can you make tea for me, and you can also have some if you want, but mostly I just want you to make me some tea because it is really hard to fill that thing up with water and press the button…. and then getting sugar and tea bags! Forget about it. I can wait you out on this.


The phrase: It was fine.

My meaning: It was fine, not super good or bad.

Husbands meaning: I hated it. Never again. But I’m too polite to say that, so you will be confused and possibly angry if you try to get me to do this again because I will find a way to avoid it.

hmmmm, how many of us need interpreters in our homes?