I’m a cave man



I really have enjoyed finding other bloggers here, reading their posts, getting to know them, following them in a completely non-stalker way. Mostly.

I’m having some trouble right now. There is a blogger who was kind enough to follow me, and after checking out his blog I also followed him. He had a sense of humor and I enjoyed his most recent post.

That, I think, was his only post in English. So now, I get all these posts of his to see…. with photos that really captivate my attention… and titles that promise to have me laughing along with the story….. but I can’t understand any of it. And why are the titles in English, raising my expectations each time I see a new blog posted…. that THIS time I will be able to read it…. only to be disappointed.

What’s a tutti????

Tempted to use Google translator, one paragraph at a time. Or learn Italian. Not sure it’s Italian though.

But… I still “like” his posts. Because I just KNOW I would really like them, if I could just read them. Not his fault that I’m a cave man with only one language in my repertoire.

Hey…. if you ever read this… you know who you are. I really. REALLY want to know what you are saying.