Talking about SEX

I hate sex!  I hate it because I know my kids are going to do it, and at least one or two are probably thinking about it…..maybe now! AGH!

These teenage years, not the best to share over here on the parenting side of things. I just don’t know HOW to deal with this potential nakedness and sharing of things like spit, and sweat, and HPV…… shudder. more shudders. I was a much cooler mom during grade school. I’m very low on the cool mom scale right now. Just dealing with it. That’s all I can do.

As far as I know, all people in the house younger than me are still virgins. And I am pretty secure in that knowledge. I tell horror stories of diseases they WILL catch if they ever….you know. I am the mom who always has to talk to the other mom of wherever my 16 year old goes, and makes her send me random pictures of where she is at any given moment. I’m very embarrassing like that. I’m ok with it. I pretty much have her convinced that sex is the most dangerous thing possible, she will definitely get HPV, resulting in genital warts, cervical cancer, or both if she’s lucky. Or, HIV, herpes, our friend syphilis is making a comeback in some circles…. the possibilities are endless, really. My experiences in nursing are a great help in our conversations, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff and I am willing to share anything to put a healthy amount of fear into any kid who needs it.

Tonight, I was lucky enough to get my daughter to see a movie with me. Just the two of us, it’s a rare treat. And we only had to go one city away to make sure no one she knows saw us together….definite progress. We watched a preview about a girl with cancer who falls in love with a boy who beat cancer. It looks like she probably dies, but first they fall in love and I’m pretty sure they have sex.

I thought about it. I turned and told Rachel, “I’d be ok with you having sex if you were dying of cancer”. I was serious. So far, that is the only situation that has ever entered my mind that would be ok outside of the old standby “AFTER your married.” I would forego my desperate wish for her to maintain her virginity at all cost, if I knew she’d never live long enough for that to happen.

Yes, I think I probably do have some issues. I can’t DEAL with my kids growing up. Doing grown up things. Making possible mistakes that I can’t fix for them. Getting a disease, getting hurt, hurting someone else. It’s rough over here for me right now. It is so HARD to watch this transition into adulthood. Knowing things will happen, both good and bad. And knowing I control NONE OF IT. It makes me hold the baby that much tighter. Thank God she’s still 100% mine. And maybe by the time she’s 16, we can find a cure for sex…….


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