Naked in the context of KIDS

I realized today, as I shouted the words “everybody get naked!”……just HOW much my life has changed from that era of Before Kids.

My request was not made in a daring, funny, or sexual way. I was not at all hoping to see anyone close to my own age in their birthday suit. I’m not sure how it happened, but I find that comments that might have been racy or suggestive in my past, have taken on a whole new meaning.

For example, “Get naked! Now!!”  This does not mean I want you, I need you, I’m dying for your touch. It means literally….get naked. now. I have to give you a bath, like I do every night, I don’t want to chase you around anymore, and I don’t want you throwing your underwear at my head.

Talking about naked. So in the past, if I found a camera in the house with some blurry and close up photos of some sort of body part…..I might wonder what kinky stuff my husband was up to….??  But, no. I find said photos on my 3 year olds leap pad…..and when I tire of tilting my head, squinting my eyes, and trying to decipher what the picture is….I ask him. “It’s probably my butt”… “Oh, really? Well what is THIS picture of then?”, “It’s probably my butt too…”. So this kid then tells me “you weren’t supposed to see those, mom” He had taken his leap pad into my room and tried to take pictures of his butt, saved them, and used them as backgrounds for some of the drawing applications he used. Budding artist, or weirdo??  Probably too soon to tell. In fairness to him, he had done the same with various more acceptable body parts, like an eye, a foot, and also used them for backgrounds. But still…….

So yea, naked is a little different than it used to be.


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