We love a good muffin

banana chips

I just so happened to have some bananas that were able to make it past that just ripe stage. Only 2 of them though… and so when I decided to make muffins, I quickly found most recipes calling for 3 of them. Yes…I could have halved it I suppose, but did I really want the trouble of halving my egg, and measuring out sugar into cups and extra tablespoons?

No, I like to keep things really simple around here.

I knew I wanted chocolate chips in my muffins. And I knew I only had 2 bananas. That was my requirement.

This is what I found: Banana-Chocolate Chip muffins. The recipe looks like it originally came from Bon Appetit, March 1999.

I did alter the recipe, so I can’t tell you exactly what they would have tasted like had I followed it perfectly…. but mine were so kick-ass, I am not going to try them any other way. Here is what I did different:

Instead of 2/3 cup sugar, I used 1/3 white and 1/3 cup brown sugar.

I added a healthy dash of vanilla extract. Somewhere between 1-2tsp.

I used SALTED butter. We don’t buy unsalted butter in this house.

Oh. I liked them. ALL the kids liked them, immensely. So much so, that the dozen muffins I made last night were all gone today when I got home from work, except for one. And that muffin has already been spoken for by the 5 year old who is expecting it in his lunch tomorrow.

Hello. I'm delicious.

Hello. I’m delicious.

You might think this muffin looks a little wonky with his one little chocolate chip sticking out of the side of his head. This might have been how he lasted longer than the other muffins…but never fear, he is choc full of chocolaty goodness inside, and he won’t last much longer. Good try wonky muffin.


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