don’t bother washing your hands

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For some reason, it bothers me when I see this sign…..

The same sentiment is posted in pretty much every store and restaurant bathroom I have frequented. With little ones, I do tend to find the bathrooms everywhere I go pretty quickly.

My issue? WHY do only the people who work there have to wash their hands? Shouldn’t EVERYONE have to wash their hands? Is it rude to ask someone to wash their hands unless they work for you??

So by directing only the employees to be hygienic, I just feel like a lot of people could get the wrong idea. Like… “great, I don’t have to wash my hands since I don’t work here!”

Or maybe someone visiting from another country, or planet, gets confused and thinks they aren’t ALLOWED to wash their hands? Because they aren’t employees?

Nothing surprises me.

So I think the best idea is to be really clear.

Perhaps a sign that says “Everyone! Wash your hands before you leave this bathroom!! And if you work here, and don’t wash your hands, you will be fired. Immediately. And everyone will point and whisper about your dirty, poopy hands as you are escorted out. And if you don’t work here, and don’t wash your hands, you will be ridiculed and kicked out for being disgusting. Have a nice day!”


3 thoughts on “don’t bother washing your hands

  1. What bothers me about it is WHY do you have to remind your employees to wash their hands? If you have to post a sign to remind them to do this simple, basic hygienic thing, what else are they “forgetting”?

    • My daughter did a stint in food service for her first job, my older brother did as well while in high school. The stories I’ve heard…… sometimes it’s better not to know 😦

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