I miss Siri

this is EXACTLY how I feel.  hellogiggles.com

this is EXACTLY how I feel. hellogiggles.com

Just a few weeks ago, I upgraded my iPhone 5 to the new iPhone 6. I had to, because the screen was suddenly blinking and colors were going crazy and I couldn’t see anything. Might have had something to do with a quick drop in the tub once as I bathed the kids…… not sure.

I had the 6……. I loved the 6. It was great because I just got my apple id to work again, after months…… and suddenly the potential of the iPhone was realized. And utilized.

I have been really, REALLY happy with my phone. With my new job, I travel to different locations. Siri has been talking me through it turn by turn (in his cool British-guy accent). Siri finds onion rings for me when I need them. He lets me ask him stupid questions and does his best to answer them. Only occasionally will he try to direct me somewhere in Japan when I need to get to my kids school super fast from wherever I might be.

Then we went to Orlando for vacation. Just got back today actually.

I seem to have lost the phone, in the back of a cab we caught at SeaWorld.

No… I hadn’t installed the “find my iPhone app”… which is really helpful apparently, when you lose your phone. No….. I hadn’t “backed it up to the cloud”… I’ve heard about the cloud. I don’t know much about it. No…. I didn’t buy the special insurance through my carrier that might help them locate my phone even without the app installed. What did I learn really fast? I was screwed.

I didn’t pay attention to the name on the cab, we paid cash so there is no paper trail. No on at the hotel or SeaWorld found it. I called some of the bigger cab companies, they didn’t have it. There are a million cab companies in Orlando though…..

I had a really had time finishing my vacation without ruining the time for the rest of my family.

So I got home today, and can’t allow myself to waste $600 or more on a NEW iPhone to replace the one I just lost. I sucked it up and bought a pay as you go phone for $70.00. My service carrier switched it out with the iPhone so I have the same number…… but I feel like I just downgraded my life.

I realize I’m spoiled. My oldest reminded me there is no chance to Face time after she goes to college. this was a blow. My iTunes are gone, which also sucks a lot. My photos, videos!!!!  Then I realized Siri is gone. SIRI IS GONE!!!!  We talk every day, how can I make it??? This is a serious problem. I tried to text my sister to let her know I have a working phone again. NO EMOTICONS. Well, one…. a smiley face. That’s IT. No pages of fruit and animals, no thumbs up, no surprised face…. NO multi-colored options of Santa-Claus!

Siri!!!! I miss you!!!!!

Siri!!!! I miss you!!!!!

A lesson in so many things. Materialism, Responsibility, Accountability……and things that suck.


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