Our first Elf on a shelf


He came in a box last month, courtesy of my mom. The kids opened it, and read the story, quickly naming our family elf “Moe”

They couldn’t wait for him to start “spying” on them, so we put him to work right away.



It became clear to me, very quickly…. the elf started too soon. There was no way I could keep this up for over 2 months, what was I thinking!?

So we sent Moe on a vacation to help Santa in the North Pole. While he’s gone, I need to figure out ways to up the game. I have ideas for this elf, thanks to the internet and especially Pinterest.

When Moe comes back, no more just sitting and watching. He’s going to be an active elf.

Candy Crazed


These scout elves are rolling right into the holidays! #ElfReturnWeek | Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

These are just some ideas from Pinterest….and I need to come up with some more of my own. I was surprised by how excited the kids were about our elf, almost making me feel as though I’ve cheated them in years past by just watching them and threatening to tell Santa myself…. They must think the elf will be more of a pushover.

Stay tuned…


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