New things to fear


We are going on vacation in a matter of days, flying away from here for a while. Looking forward to spending days together, it feels like it’s been forever!

Before we fly with the kids, I have all the normal stress of making sure the house is spotless, laundry all done, bills paid, bags packed, and making sure I have every possible problem figured out and solved before it happens.

But I find myself faced with a new concern, not sure it’s a problem yet, I hope it doesn’t become a problem….

I’ve been reading on various news sites about people who look suspicious, and by suspicious I mean dark complected and Arabic speaking…..who are reported by other passengers who are scared to fly with them. Just read about another instance today….. these people are detained, often miss their flights, are frisked and humiliated in front of others until ultimately they are let go, found to be not a risk after all.

The world is a crazy place right now. Will someone look at my husband, dark complected, Arabic…and think he poses a threat to them? Will they think by traveling with a white woman, he is trying to blend in, and make them more suspicious?

Will we make it on the plane?

I think we will, mostly. I do tend to think of worst case scenarios, if for no other reason than to just be prepared.

But it’s scary out there, for everyone.

We are all victims, and by “we”, I mean all of us, no matter what religion or nationality, who are not extremists. We, who are peace and family loving, no matter how we pray, or even if we pray. We who just want to live our lives, and let others live their own.

I pray for peace, for an end to the horrible things being done in the world by a group who has no business connecting themselves with Islam. And for an end to the horrible things being done to people who LOOK like they might be associated with a group that has no business connecting themselves with Islam…..

Until that day comes, I pray we can just get on that damn plane…..



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