Accidental nudity happens


I had just worked out, showered, and was getting dressed. Had my pants on, had my bra on, and noticed as I was getting my shirt on that Jenna was playing with my phone, telling me to “say cheese”.

Oh, I did… I said cheese, with  my shirt over my head… wondering if she was really taking pictures.

As I took the phone away, I see she was indeed snapping photos, shadowy headless photos of me getting dressed.

Planning to delete those later, I head downstairs with my Jenna-bean, feeling rushed and wanting to get out of the house to start our day.

Oh… before we leave, wouldn’t it be cute to record a birthday message from Jenna to her cousin? The girls are 11 days apart, and I hope she is as thrilled to get a message from Jenna as we are to send it.

So we do the birthday message in all it’s adorableness. Upload to Facebook… Oh, but I can’t tag her from my phone…… No problem, I will just jump on the laptop and do it really fast.

And guys, that split second decision is what saved the world of Facebook from the horror of my partially clothed, headless, shadowy self…. that somehow Jenna uploaded in all it’s glory, complete with the caption “bfffghfghddfhg”…. which is exactly how I felt when I saw it.

A moment of panic as I forgot how to delete, how to do anything but stare in shock and kind of moan a little. Noticing I have one “like” already.

I figured it out. The image is gone.

And I kind of chuckle to myself, as I realize this is the closest thing I will ever come to a “leaked nude photos” kind of scandal…..


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