I used to be beautiful


Before kids…… courtesy of dreamstime.com

By the end of yesterday I seemed more aware for some reason of the amount of yelling I do each day. I don’t think anyone can hear me if my voice is not at least moderately raised, and each request must be repeated at least 5 times.

I remember attempting to lecture Sammy at the store about how his repetitive behavior and ignoring of my requests to stop were just going to hurt him in the long run…because I certainly wasn’t going to bother getting him the frozen sorbet treats we specifically came for. Thankfully they didn’t have them anyway so I couldn’t give in.

But it doesn’t matter. Every day, EVERY DAY….. they must test me. I’m pretty convinced it’s their only purpose for being here right now. They haven’t found a greater purpose yet, so will continue to poke away at my sanity until they find something better to do.

Sometime last night, getting them ready for bed…. I’m again lecturing about how tired I am of repeating myself, and repeating myself, and repeating myself…..

My eyes might have looked a little bit crazy. I could feel creases forming on my forehead… creases that were not there before…. and they felt like they were just getting really settled and comfortable in my now regular facial expression of crumpled brow and squinty eyes.

“Do you see this!!??”Β  I asked Sammy, pointing to my poor, worn out forehead. “I didn’t look like this before, 5 years ago I was beautiful!!”

He laughed.

And then Jenna said she refuses to play with me again until I kiss her and say I’m sorry.

And I’m just trying to hold my forehead from caving in all together.

funny grandma

after kids…….. courtesy of blogdesuperheroes.es




7 thoughts on “I used to be beautiful

  1. I could have written this myself! Seriously. My husband always “corrects” me and says “do you have to yell.” As a matter of fact, I do. I tried asking softly, than a little louder, than a little louder…than my son has to argue and over-talk me – so that I end up Yelling. If you helped more, perhaps I wouldn’t have to yell. It’s interesting when I remove myself and let the kids fight…and he actually has to resolve the situation. Yeah, you’re not so quiet are you?

    • Ha! My husband also looks at me like I’m so low class for yelling, tells me to take it easy on them…. and when he’s home for a few hours at a time, it’s funny to see how fast he loses it πŸ™‚

  2. I so hear you. Wondering if a botox injection will solve my problem (in that I would be physically incapable of scowling).

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