vegan cancer dilemma


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I have a friend with cancer. This really sucks and we all wish it wasn’t so…. but so far wishing hasn’t done much to change it, so she’s going to stick with chemo, radiation, and then surgery.

She’s got 2 little ones, the same age as my little ones. Right now, with daily treatments she’s pretty tired and wiped out. Can’t stay awake let alone manage the household the same as before.

On the positive side, people want to help. And why wouldn’t they? She’s wonderful, kind, helpful, and would do the same for them.

So what do most of us do when tragedy strikes someone close to us? When we don’t have any special ability to fix their problem, but still want to do something to help….

We bring food.

And here I am wanting to bring her comfort food…putting myself in her place, thinking of all the things I would want to eat to make up for the crap fact that I had cancer. Like anything chocolate, cookies, bread….comfort foods. Whatever really, but an alfredo sauce would probably help, right?

So she says “anything vegan and gluten free”

I’m horrified.

Why??!  is this something to do with the cancer? Thinking this is a crazy and barbaric treatment option…

NO… that’s just her diet.

OMG. and she has cancer on top of it.

that really sucks.

How am I going to comfort her with blueberries and bananas? What in gods name can she EAT?

Well, I’m figuring it out. It’s my mission to find something delicious and open my mind to the possibility of whole meals made without meat/dairy/gluten. I guess it’s possible to find comfort in a salad….with peanuts…..

In the meantime, I’m including a link to her Gofundme page. In case you are feeling charitable, or you think there is a chance donating to a worthy cause might improve your cosmic/karmic standing. I have it on good authority that every person who donates will find themselves richer for doing so… and prayers are definitely an acceptable donation as well 🙂


4 thoughts on “vegan cancer dilemma

  1. All the best for your friend, sorry to hear that. We have had our eyes opened to dairy free a bit lately – try googling Ella Woodward – a recent discovery in our house. She is vegan and eats gluten free (how, I don’t know!), she makes some nice treats out of dates, fruits and veggies and the like. You need some random ingredients like raw cacao and coconut oil – it’s been a whole new wholesome world for us….then we sneak a bit of cake! All the best for you friend, sending lots of positive wishes and thoughts.

  2. All the best for your friend! I am sure she will appreciate having some food over from you.
    How’s about some veggie soup? I actually find it more comforting than *gasp* chocolate cake. And it freezes well.
    If you like to bring something sweet you could look out for soy yoghurt and soy cream and make nice ice cream with some vanilla and berries – or whatever favourite your friend may have.

    • Thank you! yes, I think vegetable soup is a good choice, still a good comfort food. I’m finding there are actually a lot of delicious sounding foods, even desserts…surprising!

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