Charlie saves the day

We had a play date today, me and the 2 youngest.

Jenna at any moment is usually carrying one or several pet dogs or horses, the stuffed variety. Today she insisted on bringing “Chip”, a beagle looking stuffed dog with her.

after 3 hours of playing, we left. All of us forgetting Chip behind.

The mom sends me a text, they found him…how do I want to arrange getting him back?

I made an executive decision, counting on Jenna to not remember that we forgot her baby behind. Just send him to school with her youngest on Monday, I’ll have Sammy bring him home.

Wouldn’t you know, Jenna sure did remember her dog…..


She didn’t take too well to my plan of letting him stay away for a few days. Even promising to get him tomorrow didn’t stop the tears.


I thought she’d taper off, go do something else, but she stayed focused on her misery. The only thing that slowed the tears was actually watching me take her photos…she would slow down enough to inspect each image. I pointed out tears and tried some filters to catch her anguish at its best advantage.

She is excellent at expressing her despair.

Finally, in desperation, I made a deal. I offered her the companionship of my own best stuffed friend, Charlie. With me since the age of 3, he is kept in a place away from grabbing hands where he can sit in peace and reflect on all the good years he’s shared with me.

I every so carefully brought him out and told Jenna she could take care of him until Chip comes back. She was taken with the idea of befriending my elderly raccoon.


No, Chip is not forgotten….but for now she is content.


And tomorrow….tomorrow that beagle is coming home.



3 thoughts on “Charlie saves the day

  1. Ha! She’s super cute! Even with the tears lol.
    We had a similar situation. N has this stuffed blue turtle toy. He had him since he was a baby. And you’d think with all the super hero stuff he’s into, he would outgrow the turtle. But nope. He takes him everywhere he goes especially when the dad takes them to Disney. So last November, when we went to legoland, “bluey” was with us. Then by the second day, bluey disappeared. N didn’t know. We kept it quiet but we were looking everywhere for it. I mean every where. We even asked the receptionist at the desk if someone brought bluey to them. Nope. That night N asked for bluey. And I can’t even tell you the drama that unfolded with all the tears, nothing would stop him, not even bribing him with using his iPad or watching cartoons at night. Thankfully, the next day, as we were checking out, they handed us bluey!!!! Yaaaaaaay. LOL

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