A moment with stitch fix


My box came today! I’ve been doing this stitch fix thing for a while, and I’m debating the merits of continuing.

I want to love every piece in my box, at the same time I don’t because I don’t want to spend the money to buy everything.

I usually love or at least like one or 2 pieces. Once I bought the whole box because it was cheaper than sending the one thing back I didn’t like. I got the 25% discount for buying every item, and my mom liked the shirt that I didn’t.

I do what I can to give my stylist a head start, I keep a Pinterest page of styles I like…and I give feedback with every box I get.

And here we go…

It’s very exciting at first glance. The colors and textures are promising… So let’s try things on.


Ok. I like this shirt. It’s not amazing but it is completely my style and I will wear it a trillion times. Probably I do have similar tops, but not with that sassy colored edging.

Let’s move on.

Ok. I know this grey sleeveless sweater thing must be stylish. I think with younger ladies who are not fully mature women yet, and like to wear clothes with vital parts missing in the name of fashion. I see plenty of cut off, and backless tops, even tops with strategic cut outs. But this just feels wrong to me. Where are the sleeves? Why the big cowl neck and nothing to balance it?

And white jeans. This is no fault of the stylist, but white jeans have no place in my life. They call attention to every flaw, they shine like a cellulite beacon, and they attract things like grubby sticky preschool hands. No thanks.


I am truly stumped. I can’t tell if this is something I like or not. I love the color. But do I look like I stole it from my fancy grandma?? Should this be accessorized with burgundy heels, or spectacles? Bifocals? Hearing aide? Alas, my oldest is not here to guide me. I will keep it and believe I look romantic and not elderly.

Easiest part, throw what I don’t want in the postage paid bag.

Goodbye white jeans. Goodbye weird sleeveless but otherwise really biggish and shapeless sweater thing. Goodbye pinkish knit cardigan that I could not actually wear over a shirt because your sleeves are far too tight to layer effectively.

No, I’m not quitting. Some boxes are better than others, and it must be really hard to style someone who actually has no sense of style or personal style beyond comfortable and striped.

Kudos to all those people who have figured out how to dress themselves well. Some of us are still learning.



4 thoughts on “A moment with stitch fix

    • yea, I am sure a lot of other people could pull off the clothes I’m sending back. I think styling someone else would be really hard to do… especially I don’t even know how to style myself!

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