Kidpik Review

Oh guys, I couldn’t resist.

Somehow I stumbled across an ad for Kidpik….an online subscription box for kids fashion.

….can you see where this is going?

I signed up for Jenna. Of course I did. After I checked out the site and read that most pieces are in the 12 dollar range, it didn’t seem like such a bad deal, not to mention the 30% discount for keeping every item.

It’s quick and easy to sign up. A simple style profile to complete online, and we were all set for our fashion box to arrive.

It came today!

We wasted no time opening the box, and Jenna loved seeing a personalized message for her inside, along with some fun things to try on.

I actually didn’t have amazingly high expectations for this box, it was more curiosity to see what they would send. I have to say I was surprised because they sent things I really wouldn’t have purchased on my own, but I found really cute on my daughter. Of course I did…

Jenna loved everything, and found nothing too scratchy or tight. She loved twirling in the dress, the bright colors of the clothes, and the soft hairbands with cute flowers to accessorize with.

I loved that the pants had an adjustable waist, and also gave bonus points for the extras in the box for Jenna….. some iron on patches and coloring pages for her to play with.

checking out…also very simple.

Things I love about Kidpik:

  1. NO styling fee!  It’s free. Just pay for what you keep, you aren’t going to feel “stuck” buying at least one piece because you’ve invested a fee that you’ll lose if you don’t buy something.
  2. You can choose to get 4, 8, or 12 boxes per year… and cancel anytime with no strings. I signed up for 4 per year, so unless I change it, our next box will be for winter 😦
  3. It’s fun!!  And knowing we aren’t paying for anything unless we want it keeps me interested in trying it strings!

Right now, Kidpik is styling girls from size 4-14, they don’t have an option for boys yet. Given that my boys hate wearing anything but the basic athletic shorts and Tshirts, I don’t think that’s a problem for me. If Sammy saw a box of nice clothes for him to try on, he would be wondering why he’s being punished.

There you have it! If you’ve got a girl at home, and especially if you ALSO subscribe to a fashion box service yourself…… your little one might love it too. Mine did, and keeping her box was about $58 for all pieces with the discount. Not a big investment for the big smiles it produced 🙂





Time for another Fix


It’s that time again!!  Another Stitch Fix box to greet me after work yesterday….

It wasn’t AS exciting, since I already knew what was coming inside the box, thanks to the stitch fix app on my iPhone. You can scroll through photos of the items being sent to you even before you see them, and decide if you’re going to keep, send back, or even sell the clothes you don’t want on board like this, to try getting the 25% discount for “keeping” everything. So smart!!

Sooo, even before my box was here, I was able to send a text to my sister:

I’m pretty sure I had a shirt with a similar pattern in middle school…. but thankfully the sister loved it and already wanted to buy it so I didn’t have to bother selling it and she guaranteed my 25% discount.

I had been very specific with my stylist, asking for cropped jeans and pinning a lot of pictures of tops I liked on pinterest, they actually do check that stuff out!

Other than the mystery cardigan with no picture, I knew what I was getting… and I was pretty sure I was going to keep it all.

What IS it about opening the box, and seeing that bundle of different fabrics and colors that just makes me want to do a little dance??? I’m happy to say that even though I knew what was coming, it’s still super fun to try things on 🙂

My instinct was right on, I liked what I expected, and bought it all so I can pass the savings on to my sister when I drop off the top she wanted. Probably my only regret with this box is that it is too much like what I already buy… I would have liked that weird blouse to have been something a little different for me, something a little edgy that didn’t make me feel like a confused adult preschooler if I chose to wear it.

So I think for my next box, I am going to ask for styles that are kind of like “me”, but different….. whatever that means!

If you check out stitch fix, let me know what you think! Oh, and use me for a referral!! I’ll get 25 bucks, and you’ll get the enjoyment of your own little fashion box to share with the rest of us 🙂


A moment with stitch fix


My box came today! I’ve been doing this stitch fix thing for a while, and I’m debating the merits of continuing.

I want to love every piece in my box, at the same time I don’t because I don’t want to spend the money to buy everything.

I usually love or at least like one or 2 pieces. Once I bought the whole box because it was cheaper than sending the one thing back I didn’t like. I got the 25% discount for buying every item, and my mom liked the shirt that I didn’t.

I do what I can to give my stylist a head start, I keep a Pinterest page of styles I like…and I give feedback with every box I get.

And here we go…

It’s very exciting at first glance. The colors and textures are promising… So let’s try things on.


Ok. I like this shirt. It’s not amazing but it is completely my style and I will wear it a trillion times. Probably I do have similar tops, but not with that sassy colored edging.

Let’s move on.

Ok. I know this grey sleeveless sweater thing must be stylish. I think with younger ladies who are not fully mature women yet, and like to wear clothes with vital parts missing in the name of fashion. I see plenty of cut off, and backless tops, even tops with strategic cut outs. But this just feels wrong to me. Where are the sleeves? Why the big cowl neck and nothing to balance it?

And white jeans. This is no fault of the stylist, but white jeans have no place in my life. They call attention to every flaw, they shine like a cellulite beacon, and they attract things like grubby sticky preschool hands. No thanks.


I am truly stumped. I can’t tell if this is something I like or not. I love the color. But do I look like I stole it from my fancy grandma?? Should this be accessorized with burgundy heels, or spectacles? Bifocals? Hearing aide? Alas, my oldest is not here to guide me. I will keep it and believe I look romantic and not elderly.

Easiest part, throw what I don’t want in the postage paid bag.

Goodbye white jeans. Goodbye weird sleeveless but otherwise really biggish and shapeless sweater thing. Goodbye pinkish knit cardigan that I could not actually wear over a shirt because your sleeves are far too tight to layer effectively.

No, I’m not quitting. Some boxes are better than others, and it must be really hard to style someone who actually has no sense of style or personal style beyond comfortable and striped.

Kudos to all those people who have figured out how to dress themselves well. Some of us are still learning.