Kidpik Review

Oh guys, I couldn’t resist.

Somehow I stumbled across an ad for Kidpik….an online subscription box for kids fashion.

….can you see where this is going?

I signed up for Jenna. Of course I did. After I checked out the site and read that most pieces are in the 12 dollar range, it didn’t seem like such a bad deal, not to mention the 30% discount for keeping every item.

It’s quick and easy to sign up. A simple style profile to complete online, and we were all set for our fashion box to arrive.

It came today!

We wasted no time opening the box, and Jenna loved seeing a personalized message for her inside, along with some fun things to try on.

I actually didn’t have amazingly high expectations for this box, it was more curiosity to see what they would send. I have to say I was surprised because they sent things I really wouldn’t have purchased on my own, but I found really cute on my daughter. Of course I did…

Jenna loved everything, and found nothing too scratchy or tight. She loved twirling in the dress, the bright colors of the clothes, and the soft hairbands with cute flowers to accessorize with.

I loved that the pants had an adjustable waist, and also gave bonus points for the extras in the box for Jenna….. some iron on patches and coloring pages for her to play with.

checking out…also very simple.

Things I love about Kidpik:

  1. NO styling fee!  It’s free. Just pay for what you keep, you aren’t going to feel “stuck” buying at least one piece because you’ve invested a fee that you’ll lose if you don’t buy something.
  2. You can choose to get 4, 8, or 12 boxes per year… and cancel anytime with no strings. I signed up for 4 per year, so unless I change it, our next box will be for winter 😦
  3. It’s fun!!  And knowing we aren’t paying for anything unless we want it keeps me interested in trying it strings!

Right now, Kidpik is styling girls from size 4-14, they don’t have an option for boys yet. Given that my boys hate wearing anything but the basic athletic shorts and Tshirts, I don’t think that’s a problem for me. If Sammy saw a box of nice clothes for him to try on, he would be wondering why he’s being punished.

There you have it! If you’ve got a girl at home, and especially if you ALSO subscribe to a fashion box service yourself…… your little one might love it too. Mine did, and keeping her box was about $58 for all pieces with the discount. Not a big investment for the big smiles it produced 🙂





Laundry heiroglyphics

I got some great new pants, from Stitch fix. I call them miracle pants, and I do believe they could change the world. For better.

I was doing laundry, my dress pants and tops for work mostly. Washed all the dark stuff together on gentle, as usual. Grabbed my pants out of the wash, and checked the tag to see if I could dry them. There were no written instructions…. just a weird jumble of stick drawings that I assume was supposed to mean something to me.



Nothing. This means nothing to me. I called my best friend who doubles as my recent sub-par girl scout cookie supplier… asking if she had any idea what the little pictures mean on the tag of my pants? Nope. Happened to her, and she had to Google it.

Are we really supposed to know this? Is the book of laundry hieroglyphics sitting somewhere for us to learn from? All I can glean from this tag is something about temperature-in Celsius of course, something about ironing them…I assume it’s ok?? And something about avoiding circles. Or holes. Maybe don’t throw your pants down a hole? Don’t cut circles in your pants?

These are made in Canada, not ancient Egypt!

I did not take the laundry tag class in home economics, I am not sure it was offered. It seems pretty ballsy for someone to just assume the world at large is going to know what to do when faced with this tag. I feel like the triangle with stripes might mean something important. How do I know??

So I Googled it too. Holy hell, it’s like cracking a code. Check it out here. It’s amazing how much information can get jammed onto that little tag. And a little sad that I dried the pants on super low, after crossing my fingers. Now that I know better.

LINE DRY!!  It means line dry! How would I possibly know this? It looks like an envelope, or a box to me.

This has nothing to do with Pink Floyd, and everything to do with using non-chlorine bleach. If you must.

No one is trying to save you from falling down a rabbit hole, or illustrating chop sticks on an empty plate. It means NO dry cleaning. Geez.

Looking at all the possible laundry symbols, I would have to say the DMV booklets for beginner drivers is much easier to figure out and guess what all those signs mean. Thank god I don’t need a license to do laundry. My ignorance has most likely contributed to a shorter life span for my miracle pants. 😦

It should not be this hard to wash your clothes.