bad dreams = bad mom

I may have mentioned that I do the “dream magic” for the kids at bedtime. I made it up for the oldest, during the afraid of the dark/bad dreams phase…. and introduced it to the 6 year old not too long ago. Now it’s a ritual, I HAVE to do it.

He’ll remind me so I don’t forget.

Seems to work, or at least he doesn’t usually remember any bad dreams…

Last night though, he woke up crying out. Somehow I didn’t hear but his daddy did and went to lie next to him in bed until he slept again.

This morning, I’m getting ready for work… just about to wake Sammy up for school. He comes walking into the bathroom, looking a little pissed. Hand on hip, he stops in front of me and narrows his eyes.

“Guess who did the dream magic wrong?!”

I had to laugh, out loud, because I wasn’t expecting that…. he believes so much in our little dream magic ritual, that he can’t fathom it not working….unless I screw it up.

Oh, he’ll make a great teen one day.


3 thoughts on “bad dreams = bad mom

  1. Better yet, teach him that he is the superhero of his own thoughts and can create whatever he wants to experience each and every night. He does, anyway. He’ll finally be empowered and you’ll be off the hook where you belong.

    Creating dream magic may be good for your ego right now but we’re talking about his life, here. Don’t confuse him about who is in control of it.

    • I actually DO tell him that he creates his dreams, it’s his imagination…. but still a bit young to explore lucid dreaming I think….. he likes his “safety net” for now. No ego involved here….

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