Death to all fruit flies



It’s that time of year again. I’ve gotten past the tiny black ant phase, and now we’re deep into the pesky fruit fly phase.

Swarming bastards of the fruit bowl……

So for your enjoyment, I offer my most effective method to murder as many fruit flies as possible with very little effort.

  1. Grab a jar, or any tallish container
  2. A plastic baggie
  3. tape
  4. apple cider vinegar

A. Pour vinegar to at least cover an inch of container, up to half of the container

B. Place baggie over top and poke a corner down into the jar after cutting that corner off the bag. You are making a funnel into the container. Ideally the open corner should end just above the fill line, and near the side of the container.

C. Then tape the bottom of the baggie around the container so nothing can escape.

I put out one trap last week….. and I lost track of the number of fruit flies I caught. It gives me great and kind of disturbing pleasure to find them caught…walking around the edges of the container looking for a way out…. so I can smash them and leave their little corpses frozen there, stuck for eternity in their plastic enclosed chamber of death.

Image result for fruit flies apple cider vinegarImage result for fruit flies applie cider vinegar

You get the idea…

Go forth people, let’s make our kitchens great again!








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