Weird DMV experience

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I don’t know how it is for everyone else in the country, but where I live, a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is right up there with root canal, fork in the eye, or suddenly developing a chocolate allergy.

I do my plate renewal online, get the sticker in the mail and go on my merry way each year.

But sometimes….. a trip to this hell is unavoidable.

What I can usually expect from my local DMV is gross incompetence, elevated to an art form. Frowning faces, long lines, and bad attitudes. I have to go there in person when my drivers license expires, and also when I’ve been lucky enough to lose my license, or have to change my name.

I always have a fear that I’m not going to pass the eye exam, somehow I won’t see the flashing light off to the side as I have to press the greasy button down with my forehead to read the tiny rows of letters.

Yesterday I took a chance after I dropped the kids at school, I needed to get my license renewed before the following week. Expecting to see the usual long lines filled with blank staring faces, I was shocked to see it empty!

Not only that, but I was immediately called over to a girl with a SMILE ON HER FACE. Then, she complimented me on my shirt. I almost wanted to step out and just check the name on the building, was I in the right place??

It didn’t stop there. As we went over the details to be printed on my license, she asks if my height and weight are the same. Sadly, no… I tell her she’ll need to change the weight ’cause I’ll never see that number again. “You want me to keep it for you?” She asks, so nicely….  “Nah, better change it”. I’m realistic, that ship has sailed.

Before I know it, I’ve passed the test (the head rest is still greasy…), and it’s time for the picture. Isn’t this the worst part? I never feel like I should smile, I never know when they’re going to actually take the picture, and I never know quite where to look. I end up looking stern, and a little spaced out usually.

Not this time!

She shows me where to look, tells me when to smile, and then…. she asks me if I want to see the picture before she uses it.

I am floored.

Who does that!!??

And guess what? It was the best drivers license picture I’ve ever taken. I swear she used a filter, I’ve got an awesome golden looking glow that I didn’t walk in there with, and I don’t look stressed out or pissed off!

I was out of there in less than 15 minutes, my faith in humanity slightly restored, calling a goodbye to my new best friend at the DMV.

Best birthday present ever.

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5 thoughts on “Weird DMV experience

    • thankfully, I’ve got the pic to prove it. I know that because I keep taking it out of my purse and checking 🙂

  1. The picture is definitely the worst part! My license picture was taken when I was 17, and is a pretty decent one. I’m sort of hoping I can just continue using it forever lol. I’ll be 84 with the ID of a teenager! All my other photo IDs look like I’m in physical pain.

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