Can Shaun T change my life??

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One night, I had a small episode of motivation. These can be really bothersome, but I can never tell when they might happen and so can’t figure out how to avoid them.

Anyway, this episode resulted in me deciding to find the FASTEST workout to completely change my body, transforming me into the goddess who I know is hiding inside of me……somewhere…..

Looking for something I would actually do, and not too expensive so I can avoid excess guilt when I decide I don’t have time or inclination to finish the program, I found a promising workout called “T 25”

FOCUS T25 Shaun T's NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes

Feeling my motivation starting to taper off, I quickly added Shaun to my cart, and went back to my sedentary life until a few days later when a box was left at my door.

I opened it. Looked at the stuff. Put it back for about a week. I thought about it a lot though. Finally decided I needed to pick a start day, kind of like how a smoker needs to choose a quit day to be more successful when they decide to stop.

On my first day, the two little ones accompanied me to the basement for my workout. I was surprised at how much I liked this guy, Shaun T, I’d never heard of him before. He was just so nice!  He didn’t yell, but he didn’t stop either, and I ended up in a sweaty heap at the end of the workout.

Sammy was hooked. He loved it, and although the 3 year old also professed to love working out with us, she really just liked to walk around the basement with her shirt off, showing off her muscles.

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Surprisingly, I started to actually follow the calendar. Each day has a workout, and you have a box to check when you are finished, either “nailed it” or “barely made it”. (So far, I’m barely making it)  After a few days, I’d get Sammy asking me, “we doing abs today?”, and the like.

The last 5 minutes sucks is great because he really pushes you past your limit and I find myself begging for the seconds to go by faster. When we finish, I look something like this:

Image result for collapse after workout

I am shocked, because I think I might actually stick with this….and I never REALLY figured that was an option. It’s hard, it hurts, and the other day it even hurt to put deodorant on. Even my armpits are sore!!

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I’ll keep you posted on my progress…. 🙂




One thought on “Can Shaun T change my life??

  1. Some of my friends follow his workouts and swear by him. It looks very intense and tiring!
    Good luck to you, keep it up x

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