Do your face a flavor

Not only do I love delicious tasting things, I am also a sucker for things that smell good.

Like candles, lotions, and my favorite perfume (Blue, Ralph Lauren).

Recently I was surfing Amazon, looking for a facial peel to add to my home regimen. Since I stopped  my monthly facials-too busy-I have really missed that hour of pampering that ended in glowing skin and total relaxation.

I found something. Something Amazing.

Image result for pumpkin facial scrub peter thomas roth

Let me just say, I have come very close to tasting this.

Spreading it on is probably the closest thing I will get to any fantasy of wearing a pumpkin roll on my face…. if I were to have such odd fantasies…….

And Peter Thomas Roth is a brand I love, products I’ve been introduced to by the spa that used to provide my facials, and one day will again as soon as I can fit it in.

Until I get someone else to pamper me, I’ve had to take matters into my own hands. This little tube of pumpkin smelling goodness is one reason I end up in bed so late. My night time routine often includes reading my kindle with some sort of spackle drying on my face, I find it really relaxing and it gives me time to read another 20 pages…

If you are of the pumpkin spice latte crowd, you will love this. I actually tried my first pumpkin spice latte a couple weeks ago, hated it…. don’t judge me.

I’m actually going upstairs now to slather up and enjoy the aroma of fresh pumpkin spice, and extra bonus, my skin will look awesome for it tomorrow 🙂


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