It’s almost that time

Elf on the shelf…….

Last year we got sucked into the elf tradition, thanks to my well meaning mom. I learned quickly that it’s not a good idea for the elf to start spying too soon…..for some reason he came to us in October and we just went with it.

To preserve my sanity, I’ve made it clear to the kids that Moe-our elf-won’t be appearing until after Thanksgiving this year.

I got some great ideas last year from Pinterest boards, which I happily copied.

And sometimes I tried my hand at being creative….

I was supposed to have a month of great ideas by now. That was my homework for myself last year. So a couple weeks ago I got some elf accessories to take things to the next level. things like a leather jacket…. a few T-shirts…..and a bathrobe. Maybe we’ll invest in a reindeer for him to hang out with, or a Saint Bernard….

I need ideas, fast.




2 thoughts on “It’s almost that time

  1. Aww haha. I can’t decide if I find the elf thing creepy or cute. Maybe both. I love that you got him a leather jacket – that is too funny! Maybe you could find a little motorcycle to go with it! My only idea is for times when you don’t feel like being super creative – maybe the kids could wake up to discover that Moe has a cold. He could be on the couch, under a warm blanket, with balled up tissues all around him. Probably not the most fun idea, but hey – even magic elves can get sick now and then 🙂

    • I’ve been pretty uncreative the past few days….. the most I’ve managed is to change his shirt but so far they’re happy just finding him in different places. today, he was stuck in the kitchen curtain sash. But your idea is great, especially since both kids are sick now, perfect for the elf to get sick too!

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