Political Stress Relief

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Tired of your Facebook feed blowing up as we hurtle towards the end of true freedom as we know it?

Sick of speeches against Trump, speeches supporting Trump, rallies for and against, Starbuck boycotts, Uber boycotts, Muslim boycotts, and the boycott of basic human decency?

Are you nauseous trying to sort through real reality and alternative reality, trying to figure out what’s, you know, real?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some tried and true methods to get your mind off the battle between Democrat and Republican, between Muslim and Christian, Between Good and Evil… ’cause that’s what it’s all about, right? No more gray area, and we all have to PROVE we’re the ones who are RIGHT. (or LEFT…ha ha ha).

Ok, so… Get on a plane. Go to Syria. Get off the plane.

Are you with me? Great.

Now time to de-stress. Get your mind off Twitter politics for a while.

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Take a leisurely walk. Probably avoid Aleppo. But regardless, no matter where you go…. notice the people around you. Oh….do they look kind of jumpy? No worries, bombings and random shootings will do that, but I’m sure YOU’LL be ok. Just avoid….everything…

See? Haven’t thought about Trump yet, have you?

Nowhere to stay? Right, forgot there may not be a thriving tourism business right now. No worries, you can stay with my family in Damascus. What, you think it’s weird that all the adults are home, and not working? Well, that happens when your entire business was actually destroyed, bombed, looted and there are no prospects for work because people are just trying to stay alive right now as much of the economy has been shut down. Upside, more family time, yay!

Don’t mind the lack of electricity for several hours a day. It’s actually a very complicated plot to ensure that residents (and the occasional vacationer) disconnect from social media and really connect with each other. So be grateful, and polish your conversation skills, it’ll be fun! And bonus….no Kellyanne Conway or pesky celebrities with actual opinions of their own.

Lack of running water… don’t think of it as a problem. Rather, think of it as a SOLUTION. I promise you aren’t going to be sucked into reading post after post on Facebook for a while, or making comments trying to defend your opinion on recent executive orders. You’ll be too busy making trips back and forth to a public water supply with everyone else in the area who still wants to drink, bathe, cook, or just gargle.

At the end of your stay, provided you survive, you will have developed all sorts of coping mechanisms. Once back home (cause you’ll be allowed in) they will help you deal with the stress of the common American. The daily stress felt by those safe enough to have time for it.

Deep breathe…. you’re welcome.


14 thoughts on “Political Stress Relief

  1. Well done! I applaud you. Our first world problems (sucky as they may be) are still first world problems. We’re not getting bombed. We’re not getting shot at. We still have jobs to go to and money in our pocket and water in our pipes and power in our homes.

    • thank you for saying that! I don’t think most of can truly imagine life without the necessities we take for granted. Makes it easy to not be able to empathize with what people around the world are dealing with right now 😦

      • What boggles my mind is that so many were unwilling to accept refugees yet those same people were talking about moving to Canada if Trump won. They didn’t see the connection!

  2. We are blessed indeed. I personally have taken another vacation; a vacation from TV during this season of hysteria. I will not be used as a pawn for ratings, political points, boycotts or anything else..by either “side.”

    • I hate that we have “sides” and we don’t think of ourselves as one united country. People hurt themselves just to make sure they are hurting the other party as well. sad.

      • It’s one thing to watch politicians behave so badly, but what I’m seeing just within our communities are people basically writing off relationships & friendships because they deem the other person to have failed some moral litmus test.. I think women are doing this more than men..It’s like we’ve all gone Jersey Housewives on each other..sheesh. Anyway, I absolutely will not get into it with anyone- won’t do it..I don’t want to sacrifice any friendship to this..my own kids voted differently from each other and I respect each one of them and have given no one a hard time..all I told them was they were not allowed to talk politics over the holidays- period..as i said, our TV is off..Frank Sinatra is on..I read enough to stay informed and I hope the hurricane of hysteria passes by soon. 💜

      • Totally agree with you, I am happy to have friends on both sides of the fence who have managed to stay speaking to each other! A little Frank sounds like a perfect way to tune things out, one of my favorites 🙂

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