Role Reversal

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She wanted to talk to me.

She’s having trouble sleeping, but doesn’t want the kids to know. They already worry too  much about her. She doesn’t want to be a burden, already feels like she’s a burden.

Her daughter called her three times during our talk, our 20 minute visit.

They worry about her, they push her to do things for herself… walk more, exercise, socialize. But she’s tired of pushing herself.

She’s sad, and anxious, and not demented at all. She’s smart,  but her body can’t keep up with her mind.

When did the roles change?

Why do they make decisions for her? Why do they tell her what to do, when to do it, how to do it?

She always feels like she’s disappointing them. She can’t reach the goals they set. Her frailty frustrates her. She’s letting them down, they deserve better, she’s just in the way.

How can she stop feeling like a burden? How can she stop them from feeling like she’s their responsibility?

I’ll bet she can remember holding her chubby babies. Feeding, bathing, loving them. Nurturing them, raising them, watching them grow up as she grew old.

I see her. I SEE her. One day, I could be her.

My words don’t fix things, but she’s grateful for the time we spent. I can’t change how she feels, and I can’t make them feel like they don’t NEED to care for her. It’s out of love and the duty that comes with love.

But…it still sucks.





Possibly necessary greeting cards

Sometimes, a person may want to commemorate an event, or occasion with a card.

What if the occasion is not so common, but you still feel it is worthy of the notice that only a greeting card can provide?

In the interest of finding out just what’s out there…. or in case I find myself wanting to congratulate a friend on their adoption of a baby orangutan, I have done some research.


Cried Naked Greeting Card

Is this card about having a baby? Or something more ominous/weird? Is that a bald man with a bottle? Well, I guess you can celebrate whatever you want. But is he crying, or is it the person whose bed he’s in?

I Lost My Virginity Greeting Card

What I especially like about THIS particular card, is you can buy it in packs of 20, 10, or just a single card. Too bad it doesn’t come in packs of 50 to just increase the odds of success, and associated STD’s……

Dear Mom Thank You For Having Unprotected Sex Greetingcard

This kind of goes along with the card above, especially if it had been bought in bulk…..




Awwww… that’s sweet, right?


…And the opposite of sweet…..


Looks kind of fun, doesn’t it? I’m going to continue looking for unusual cards, and maybe keep some handy for those occasions that just need more than a text. Like, sorry you’re in prison. Congratulations on being hepatitis free. Thanks for getting yourself fixed and denying the world any more of your progeny…. you know, those random moments we really want to cherish with others….