Kids in the hall for dummies

A tragedy has come to my attention.

A grievous injustice.

At what point did The Kids in the Hall become unknown???

If you don’t know what I’m talking about….then you are partly responsible for the senseless loss of humor occurring at this very moment.

I can’t let it continue. Click on that link. Educate yourself. Don’t allow my secret crush, Dave Foley to fade into obscurity.

I tried to explain the magic of this particular comedy group to my oldest…. she walked away, leaving me watching YouTube videos on my kitchen floor. I feel sorry for her. She will never understand why I sometimes crush her head when standing across the room from her and she’s not looking. I alone have that power for now.

They’re from Canada. Another reason to love Canada, along with Justin Thoreau…..

So now, I have given you the tools…. watch, learn, repeat.