Great idea

Why don’t they just serve dinner in restaurant bathrooms?

I thought…… as I stood there for the 3rd time in an hour, waiting for another kid to finish peeing…….and gave up on actually trying to sit and finish a meal.

Just put a table and a chair in here…. because there really is no point in leaving.

Wondering why there isn’t a  kid in this picture? Just a lady, eating on the floor?

Because she got smart. She knows that kid will be right back.

Just get comfy lady. I get it.


What I hate about parenting…..potty training :(


Potty training.

Have I mentioned this? Yes, once or twice.

I am stuck right now, obsessively fixated on potty training, SURE that I am screwing up my 2 year old beyond repair. I hear people say things like “just don’t worry, your child will TELL YOU when they are ready to use the potty”. But I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it will happen without mental agony on my part. This is the only way I know how to do anything….is with a healthy dose of psychological pain. It’s my process.

Jenna herself seems fine. She actually goes several days without having an accident. This is because I take her potty often. And catch her trying to hide when she wants to poop. Then it’s all good natured fun “Oh mom, you caught me again!” Jolly laughs on the way to the potty.

If she happens to wet herself, she tells me-probably during the act-that she has to go potty. Then we go to the bathroom, find that her pants are wet, and it’s big eyes all around, “how did THAT happen???!”

Can I just say that she USED to tell me before she had to pee. Like, a year ago. And I don’t know why that doesn’t happen now.

So I worry about it. Worry that I’m screwing up, that I’m not getting it right. I MUST be doing something wrong… right??

Yesterday, I tried to just let her tell me when she had to pee. We have been wearing cloth training pants with a diaper cover. Diaper cover is NOT water proof, as I came to find out.

I asked her a lot if she needed to pee. “Nope!” is her gleeful reply.

Then she pees herself, and decides to tell me she needs to pee. No big deal, accidents are a necessary part of training. I know this.

Later, I take the kids grocery shopping. She had just peed, I gave myself a good hour to get there and back. Kept her in the cloth pants, because I don’t want to confuse her.

We were on our way to the register, cart FULL.

“Mommy, I have to go potty”. Which means, I just peed. I picked her up, and saturated my shirt. Huh… guess there is really no point to diaper covers.

We get home, wash her, she takes a nap.

Upon waking, Jenna decides she hates everything in the world, and refuses to do anything she is asked. I don’t want to push her, so once her tantrum started-after I took off her pants to use the potty- I just walked out of the bathroom to let her calm down, or follow me, thinking when the urge hits, she would go sit on the potty.

I hear this noise…Sammy is standing next to me. He knows what it is before I do.

“Mom, Jenna is peeing on the floor.”

Sure enough, she is standing there, peeing on the floor. (the floor I just washed, of course) By the way, there are TWO little potties in there, one on either side of her. I really think she was making a statement. A statement of my supreme failure.

Don’t ever Google anything about potty training. Every mom has a story, either horrific (My adorable 7 year old little Charlie is just so stubborn, we still can’t get him to use the potty!!), or depressing to the rest of us loser moms (My triplets were all potty trained at 6 months. Right after they learned how to knit and speak Japanese. They each have a different dialect, it’s so cute!)

Today, it was back to just taking her potty when I thought she might need to go. No accidents….but I know she’s not the one being trained here…

Poop talk

Let’s talk about poop.

You don’t want to talk about it?

That’s ALL I seem to talk about these days. Not one day goes by without mention of poop. So you can leave now, or just hear me out.

I think about poop a lot, as I’m working on potty training the 2 year old. Sometimes we have conversations that go like this:

Jenna: Mommy, I pooped! It’s so cute!!
Me: No, Jenna. It’s not cute when it’s in your pants. It’s only cute when it’s on the potty.
Jenna: Blank stare.

Followed by another day:

Jenna (on the potty): I pooped!! It’s not cute. (sad face)
Me: No Jenna… it’s soooo cute!!! Poop is adorable on the potty, we love poop on the potty!

We flush the poop. Wave bye-bye. She yells down the toilet “Have fun with your friends!!”. Because in our world, poop and pee can’t wait to get out and into the potty, where they can be flushed to catch up with their family and friends having a big poopy party.

I was organizing books today, and noticed our large selection of potty training books. One of their favorites??

Where's the poop?  by: Julie Markes

Where’s the poop?
by: Julie Markes

Where’s the poop indeed.

A cute take on showing little ones that EVERYONE poops. Even wild animals like elephants, kangaroos, tigers and monkeys.

One of Jenna’s favorites? Baby penguin.

The parent animals are always very attentive to the whole poopy business...

The parent animals are always very attentive to the whole poopy business…

Nope, I pooped behind that rock. Now go find it!!

Nope, I pooped behind that rock. Now go find it!!

It's a pop up book, but here's a hint for parents... the poop is always hiding in the lower left corner. wink.

It’s a pop up book, but here’s a hint for parents… the poop is always hiding in the lower left corner. wink.

Of course. It has to be tied in to humans at the end, or there is a real chance we could be teaching our kids to just go poop behind whatever they want. Cover it up, and let us find it. Fun!!

Here is the little boy, proudly telling his mom about his own poop.

Here is the little boy, proudly telling his mom about his own poop.

Where is it?? Where is that poop? Jenna knows!!

Where is it?? Where is that poop? Jenna knows!!


Anyway…. that’s what we do around here. Pretty much every day. In case you were wondering.

Pee-Pee Potty!!

So the baby is 18 months, and I’ve had all the potty chairs and potty inserts for the big toilets out for about a month.

I’m not crazy. I just want her to be really, really comfortable with the idea of using the potty.

And then I want her to just USE it.

She likes it. She sits on the potty when she wants to. Sometimes I’ve gotten her to pee on it. And next to it.

Sometimes she likes to stand in her potty too.

I’m so excited. SO excited to know that diapers will be off my shopping list one day. Soon I hope. But also not expecting miracles. So far my other three had completely different potty-training experiences so who know what this one has in store for me. I have amassed a vast array of potty training accessories from the last one. He was by far the most difficult.

I’ve got the “Potty Power” video. (corny, but he loved to watch it and sing/dance along). I’ve got a monkey that says he has to go potty, asks you to put him on his potty, and his little potty will flush too. I got the “Joshua” potty book that came with a potty chair that looks just like his. I’ve got a potty that looks like a frog. A potty that looks like a throne, complete with toilet paper holder and flushing handle. Of COURSE it plays royal music when you pee into it! Two potty seat inserts for the regular sized toilets. We made sticker calendars for the potty, but that only really worked with my first….for her that calendar was all she needed to go diaper free in 2 days.

I have forced everyone in my house to sing “pee-pee potty” over and over and over….. and I will do it again.

I do think I’ve learned some things, some weird facts and some helpful tips even. Like, for some reason, my kids would NOT pee if they didn’t have a diaper or underwear on. Seriously, with the 2 boys at least, if I just put a longer shirt to cover their little butt… both of them would take themselves potty and not have accidents. I learned this from my first boy, who took matters into his own hands and trained himself by going commando at every opportunity until I gave up trying to keep him covered. In big boy pants by his 2nd birthday. DONE.

My last one….wow. I didn’t realize a child under 2 could already have issues about pooping in front of people. He initially would not poop at all unless it was in his pants (pull ups). I slowly managed to get him to at least stand in the bathroom instead of behind a chair, and then sit on the potty-in his pull up, and then with the sides open…. eventually I had him pooping on his potty INTO his pull up. It NEEDED to be there or he would freak out. One day I changed it to toilet paper, I had to line the bottom of his potty, and once he did it once or twice he was ok with it. He had some issue with his poop just dropping into the unknown, or into a cold plastic container I guess. He was also the only one in pull ups, which initially I found to be AMAZING…and later hated as I found myself too weak to break the habit time and time again.

That little guy was 2 and a half before we could say he was potty trained. I spent a year working on that. When I got rid of the disposable training pants, and used good old fashioned cotton pants, with a nice baggy vinyl cover on over it (protecting the furniture)… he was trained in no time. But before that, time and again I talked about getting rid of the pull ups, to be met with horror on my husbands face, no doubt imagining his living room saturated with pee puddles and poopy piles.

pants(vinyl diaper/training pant covers… got mine from, where I get most fun things)

I think this time around…. I have to be strong. I have to do it without pull ups. I really think they are a huge factor in delaying potty training. They really ARE just diapers. Diapers that pull on and off, that have a little picture on the front that gets all fuzzy when they pee. We all KNOW they can pee in them, the kids know they can pee in them, so even if we all pretend they should definitely NOT pee in them….there isn’t a whole lot of discomfort if they do.

I think when they actually realize they have this soggy mess in their pants…. and the clean up is a little bit more difficult than pull off, and pull on…. they might have more incentive to get to that potty. It’s a theory…. I’ll see how it goes without using them this time.

pee For now, this is something fun and different for baby Jenna. She started grabbing her diaper and saying “Uh-Oh” sometimes when she pees. She wakes up dry a lot from naps and in the morning….and usually will let me sit her on the potty for a bit to pee at those times. Sometimes she pees even! We talk about the potty, we say goodbye to the pee pee as we flush it, she even knows we wash our hands after all the potty business.

I still have a picture somewhere on this computer of Sammy’s poop. In the potty. he was so excited, he wanted to take a picture. Absolutely I let him, and we couldn’t wait to show EVERYONE as they came home! It’s a big deal!!

I promise I’m not a Nazi potty training mom. I would never force a child to sit against their will, or make them feel bad about going potty in their pants. Accidents happen, they HAVE to happen so they can be learned from. BUT… I can still hope. Here is my hope: Jenna will play like this with the potty for the next several months, then suddenly, wake up and understand completely what she needs to do. She will take off her diaper, and inform me that she wants big girl pants now, please. Pink.

And we will live happily ever after……