Money to burn

I feel obligated to buy things when I am invited to parties. You know those parties, the ones for Tupperware, or candles, or make up, or anything. I’m a sucker.

At least in the past I could come up with an excuse to avoid going, and therefore avoid spending money on something I would probably never use.

Nowadays, thanks to more savvy marketing, you can host a party without having to talk to or see anyone… there are tons of online parties, catalog parties, and now when I’m handed the catalog and order form…. I feel I must write my name down on that line, and pledge some amount of money to avoid being sneered at, and possibly hated by the hostess. I don’t want to be the one responsible for screwing up her chances of getting FREE merchandise!!!

I recently got invited to a party for nail wraps. Jamberry nails.

This was a tough one for me. I don’t HAVE nails. I don’t paint my nails. I don’t get manicures. I would say my hands are not “pretty”, they are definitely working hands. And I wouldn’t want to call attention to them with any flashy nail adornments anyway.

But I took the catalog.

Of course, if you buy 3 sets, you get one free.

So I geared myself up for finding a use for 4 sets of these nail wraps.

Duh. I have daughters. What better cause for wasting money??

So I got a couple sets for each of them. It was pretty cool they come in adult and child sizes…. even for my 2 year old.

Putting them on is a little involved. You have to prep the nails with rubbing alcohol and a cuticle pusher. pick the right size wrap, then peel it off and blow dry it on warm for a few seconds so it gets nice and soft. press hard. cut off the excess. File down any extra. blow dry again to bond it. press it some more. Each nail.

I got pretty decent after I finished putting on the second set. Surprisingly the 2 year old sat still and just watched, fascinated.

You know what?

They looked ADORABLE. And it’s been days, and they are STILL on. That never happens with polish.

Now I want more.

Of course the teen likes them

Of course the teen likes them

As if she could get any cuter.

As if she could get any cuter.

I like these things, already thinking of how I can coordinate Jenna’s summer outfits with her Jamberry’s. And they don’t hurt the nail when removed.

Yes. I’ve found another way to waste   spend   invest money. I can say invest because I am investing in the cuteness of my girls, I am helping the economy, I am promoting small business. All good things. And seriously…can you imagine what Jenna’s toenails are going to look like this summer 🙂


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