Are my teeth whiter yet?

Remember when I posted about this awesome teeth whitening kit I stumbled across at the drugstore? I was really excited to try it, because it had a little laser/light thing for my teeth, and it seemed pretty miraculous.

I was eager to use the kit, and show off my shiny new smile.

One day, I decided I was ready….. so out came the box and instruction reading commenced.

Match your color to a number

Match your color to a number

That was kind of easy….except after a few minutes all the shades seem to match, and yet not match.

floss and brush your teeth. No problem.

floss and brush your teeth. No problem.

So far so good. All things I’ve done before and seem to be doing well at.

First rinse with the "whitening accelerator"...

First rinse with the “whitening accelerator”…

The light, the light!! Yay!!

The light, the light!! Yay!!

Next steps include swishing with this liquid accelerator for 10 seconds. Then brushing each tooth with a layer of clear gel, and letting your teeth dry before your lips or tongue touch them. You have to wait 20 seconds before stuffing the light into your mouth, where it stays on for 2 minutes and turns off by itself.

I did not factor in that I have many children, who seem to require my constant attention and time, as well as my ability to yell at them at the drop of a hat. It is impossible to yell properly with a shiny laser/light thing shoved in your mouth.

I did not factor in the monotony of following the same steps over and over and over, before you can expect a result. It’s booooring. You must run through this process at least 10 times before seeing results, 20 times is recommended. Ugh.

I hadn’t considered the drool factor. Think Cujo.

Is it rabies, or is he whitening his teeth??

Is it rabies, or is he whitening his teeth??

So….. although it looked really simple, and it was technically easy…. I didn’t like it.

All the steps! Brush teeth, swish with the stuff, spit it out, brush on the gel, hold your lips away from your teeth while breathing heavily through your mouth-trying to dry your teeth, suck on the light for 2 minutes. Rinse, brush, repeat. Seemed like there should have been a salt shaker and a lemon wedge somewhere in that process….

So the first time I made it through 3 cycles and got sick of it. A week later, another 2 or 3. This past weekend, the day before my daughters graduation party…. 5 times baby!!!

I didn’t see a difference.

I think I’ve given up. Probably, I will stick to the white strips. I still don’t use them properly, one box has lasted me years because I also don’t ever seem to have the time to use them… but at least it’s only one step when I finally get around to it. Kind of bummed out I didn’t like the laser light more, but catching mouthfuls of drool in a towel as I held it in place seemed to really put a damper on it for me.

If you’ve tried this and actually finished it… I’d love to know your thoughts!


Money to burn

I feel obligated to buy things when I am invited to parties. You know those parties, the ones for Tupperware, or candles, or make up, or anything. I’m a sucker.

At least in the past I could come up with an excuse to avoid going, and therefore avoid spending money on something I would probably never use.

Nowadays, thanks to more savvy marketing, you can host a party without having to talk to or see anyone… there are tons of online parties, catalog parties, and now when I’m handed the catalog and order form…. I feel I must write my name down on that line, and pledge some amount of money to avoid being sneered at, and possibly hated by the hostess. I don’t want to be the one responsible for screwing up her chances of getting FREE merchandise!!!

I recently got invited to a party for nail wraps. Jamberry nails.

This was a tough one for me. I don’t HAVE nails. I don’t paint my nails. I don’t get manicures. I would say my hands are not “pretty”, they are definitely working hands. And I wouldn’t want to call attention to them with any flashy nail adornments anyway.

But I took the catalog.

Of course, if you buy 3 sets, you get one free.

So I geared myself up for finding a use for 4 sets of these nail wraps.

Duh. I have daughters. What better cause for wasting money??

So I got a couple sets for each of them. It was pretty cool they come in adult and child sizes…. even for my 2 year old.

Putting them on is a little involved. You have to prep the nails with rubbing alcohol and a cuticle pusher. pick the right size wrap, then peel it off and blow dry it on warm for a few seconds so it gets nice and soft. press hard. cut off the excess. File down any extra. blow dry again to bond it. press it some more. Each nail.

I got pretty decent after I finished putting on the second set. Surprisingly the 2 year old sat still and just watched, fascinated.

You know what?

They looked ADORABLE. And it’s been days, and they are STILL on. That never happens with polish.

Now I want more.

Of course the teen likes them

Of course the teen likes them

As if she could get any cuter.

As if she could get any cuter.

I like these things, already thinking of how I can coordinate Jenna’s summer outfits with her Jamberry’s. And they don’t hurt the nail when removed.

Yes. I’ve found another way to waste   spend   invest money. I can say invest because I am investing in the cuteness of my girls, I am helping the economy, I am promoting small business. All good things. And seriously…can you imagine what Jenna’s toenails are going to look like this summer 🙂