Oh Baby…..Foot.


This story begins early last month, as I was hanging out with my preschooler at his end of year party.

I chanced upon another mom and we chatted. Somehow going from how adorable our kids were, to our jobs, and then things like foot exfoliation. Probably a few topic in between.

She asked if I ever tried “Baby Foot” She heard about it on an infomercial at home, and was immediately sucked in.

She described these squishy booties you put on your feet, and keep on for an hour. Wash off, and go on with your day. Days later, massive peeling.

She showed me pictures.

It looked like she had peeled off her feet in the bathtub, which essentially she did.

But gushed about the smooth, soft results.

Hmmmmmmm. I do love to try new things. This sounded very interesting. Probably better than the pumice stone in my shower that I try to use each morning as I hop around on one foot at a time.

So I headed to Amazon at home, and got 2 of them. One for me, and one for a test subject to try it on first.

My 14 year old was surprisingly obliging to putting on the booties, and sitting for an hour with them on. We documented his progress with photos, I was suitably impressed.

start with the booties

start with the booties

one week later, eeeeewwww

one week later, eeeeewwww

So I decided last week to give it a go. I wanted to do it sooner, but found it hard to find a whole hour that I could set aside to sit down with these gel things on my feet. You CAN walk with them, but it feels really weird, and definitely can’t run…..

I didn’t time things very well as it turns out.

After about 5 days, my feet seemed really dry. The next night, I took a hot bath to speed up the peeling process, and suddenly it looked like my feet had been grated. I panicked a little, realizing anywhere I walked barefoot would leave a trail…yuck.

This massive shedding started the night before I was due to attend a summer wedding reception dinner. I stayed up until 2:30am basically peeling my feet off. Gross, right? But think back to grade school…..remember when you would spread Elmer’s glue all over your hand, let it dry, and then peel it off?  Remember how weird/cool it was to do that? It was a LOT like that……

Oh…you never did that?

Anway, the next day… the day of the reception….. I still had peeling. I felt too nervous to wear strappy dress shoes that would expose my feet during their metamorphosis. Thoughts of walking across a dance floor, leaving little pieces of me behind were making me think twice about going.

I ended not going, and kept socks on to stop the spread of my DNA.

So, yes, Baby Foot really works. It’s amazing how soft and smooth my feet are. I’ll probably do it again, just not before I need to bare my feet too soon 🙂


Money to burn

I feel obligated to buy things when I am invited to parties. You know those parties, the ones for Tupperware, or candles, or make up, or anything. I’m a sucker.

At least in the past I could come up with an excuse to avoid going, and therefore avoid spending money on something I would probably never use.

Nowadays, thanks to more savvy marketing, you can host a party without having to talk to or see anyone… there are tons of online parties, catalog parties, and now when I’m handed the catalog and order form…. I feel I must write my name down on that line, and pledge some amount of money to avoid being sneered at, and possibly hated by the hostess. I don’t want to be the one responsible for screwing up her chances of getting FREE merchandise!!!

I recently got invited to a party for nail wraps. Jamberry nails.

This was a tough one for me. I don’t HAVE nails. I don’t paint my nails. I don’t get manicures. I would say my hands are not “pretty”, they are definitely working hands. And I wouldn’t want to call attention to them with any flashy nail adornments anyway.

But I took the catalog.

Of course, if you buy 3 sets, you get one free.

So I geared myself up for finding a use for 4 sets of these nail wraps.

Duh. I have daughters. What better cause for wasting money??

So I got a couple sets for each of them. It was pretty cool they come in adult and child sizes…. even for my 2 year old.

Putting them on is a little involved. You have to prep the nails with rubbing alcohol and a cuticle pusher. pick the right size wrap, then peel it off and blow dry it on warm for a few seconds so it gets nice and soft. press hard. cut off the excess. File down any extra. blow dry again to bond it. press it some more. Each nail.



I got pretty decent after I finished putting on the second set. Surprisingly the 2 year old sat still and just watched, fascinated.

You know what?

They looked ADORABLE. And it’s been days, and they are STILL on. That never happens with polish.

Now I want more.

Of course the teen likes them

Of course the teen likes them

As if she could get any cuter.

As if she could get any cuter.

I like these things, already thinking of how I can coordinate Jenna’s summer outfits with her Jamberry’s. And they don’t hurt the nail when removed.

Yes. I’ve found another way to waste   spend   invest money. I can say invest because I am investing in the cuteness of my girls, I am helping the economy, I am promoting small business. All good things. And seriously…can you imagine what Jenna’s toenails are going to look like this summer 🙂