5 year old angst

A bull in a China shop

courtesy of attunity.com

The 5 year old has been sick for…..6 days now. However, he seems to be feeling better and is again showing signs of life.

I came home from work today and sat next to him on the couch after the babysitter left.

He’s not happy.

Seems he keeps wanting to do things that the sitter doesn’t want him to do.

It happened a lot today.

This bothers him.

“Mom, it’s not like I’m trying to be bad. I mean, I know sometimes I am, but I can’t help it….I’m just trying to have fun with my life!”

With this serious look on his face.

I think it’s a reasonable expectation for him to have….

But out of curiosity…. I ask him what kind of things was he doing?

At first he doesn’t remember. Then he wants to show me. Walks over to one of our living room chairs, proceeds to summersault onto the chair, head down, legs up in the air…. and knocks over a picture from the table next to him.

He’s mortified.

I think we may have realized why she was saying no….. maybe.


6 thoughts on “5 year old angst

  1. Totally laughing and totally my household! My 7 year old spends 80% of his time at home in the headstand position on our sofa. I wish a career in gymnastics paid more!

      • Unfortunately Canada doesn’t offer athletic scholarships. We’re working on shipping him to a U.S. university on a golf scholarship. Longer career span and more $$$.

      • OMG!! we were talking about coming to Canada to get better tuition cost for our little ones! maybe we can family swap 😉

      • Lol! Tuition is cheaper here if you are a resident of Canada, but only academic scholarships are available so it’s time to sign the kids up for Kumon or move south. Even foreign tuition (which is often 3 or 4 times as much would probably be a deal with the Canadian dollar currently tanking…instant 30% discount on everything!

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