I don’t want to succeed


courtesy of superhealthykids.com

This week, I had a plan.

Eat healthy, get back to working out every day.

I’m sabotaging myself, and not feeling guilty enough about it yet.

What do burger king onion rings, chocolate peanut butter brownies, skittles, Starbucks beverages, peppermint patties, and lots of chocolate ice cream have in common???

Equal contribution to my failure and gluttonous satisfaction.

And so, tomorrow…. probably…. I will do better.


8 thoughts on “I don’t want to succeed

  1. Aaah …. it takes immense will power ,immense strength to get out of bed for work out..and those good things …oops, I mean the bad junk food is soooooo comforting! All the best ..tomorrow is a new day…and i plan to start working out ….as have been in last 6 months ! You are not alone lady…

    • That is so true! And I hate the cold weather, makes it so much harder to get up and going when it’s cold and dark outside…. how could I not do some comfort eating to round it all out?!

    • Wow! I’m honored! It’s still so weird to me that people read this 🙂 I accept your challenge/nomination…. now I have a reason to put off the less important “work stuff” I was supposed to have done tonight 🙂

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