A rocky start….


A person may not even like the taste of white jelly beans….but when you tell them not to eat them, they become the most desirable thing ever.

This is my issue right, except insert “onion rings from burger king” instead of “white jelly beans”. And I do like the taste of them, both onion rings AND white jelly beans.

You know how I kind of made that big promise to myself, to try really really hard to eat better and work out more? Well, I’m getting ready to work out now-I will probably run out of time to actually get to it because of my procrastinating, but I am at least dressed for it, so we’ll see how it goes.

I also said, NO more onion rings!!

I don’t eat them every day. Probably has been about once a week though, and that is far too much. So no, I will not eat them anymore.

Except, I am craving them. Craving them because I can’t have them….. and it’s not helping that I drove past THREE Burger Kings today. Three!!!

I was so proud yesterday, I drove by them as I munched on grapes and carrot sticks. Today, I sulked in my car past the first one. Then the second one. Then I had a problem.

I was finished with work, but had about 30 minutes to kill before picking up my son from school. Not enough time to go home and drop off the babysitter, but plenty of time to swing in for some deep fried, delicious onion rings. I was really desperate because I know I lack willpower. I had to do something to avoid driving past the last burger king too soon, or I knew I’d give into temptation.

I stopped at Super K-mart instead. Wandered the aisles, buying underwear for the kids, bleach and Clorox wipes for me, and a box of Keebler JUMBO fudge sticks, for no good reason. I spent $80 to avoid spending $3.00 on onion rings. Then, I still almost gave in, I had ten minutes left, plenty of time for hot grease!!

God was kind enough to put a big Semi in my path, directly in front of the burger king. I thanked him, and made it to school without succumbing.

Then, as I sat in the car line for 25 minutes, waiting for my son…. I ate two Jumbo fudge sticks. 160 calories each.  I could have eaten more.

Baby steps.


Onion rings and the unfairness of life

Can you believe, I'm stalking this guy???

Can you believe, I’m stalking this guy???   image from: nbcmiami.com

I would like to say that I am not a fast food nut. I know it’s bad for me. I don’t eat it regularly.

There are certain fast food places that I haven’t been to in many years. Burger King is one of those places. Well, it was one of those places.

Before this year, I couldn’t tell  you the last time I ate at a burger king. I remember believing that everything there tasted the same…. and although we loved their onion rings as kids (when there was an actual solid piece of onion inside), I wasn’t too keen on them after they changed.

I really thought they were going to end up closing soon….who goes to burger king??!!

This was my perception.

Just so happens there is a Burger King really close to the school the 5 year old attends. One day, I was rushing to pick him up and hadn’t eaten yet. Got there about 15 minutes early so decided to just swing in and grab something. Prepared to be unimpressed.

A small onion ring later, I am stupefied. They were AMAZING. Really warm, and salty, and I just could not quite figure out what that amazing flavor was……why, I think it’s grease!!! Freshly dipped in hot grease, salted within in inch of their lives…. I downed them in record time.

hot, delicious, greasy, addictive.........

hot, delicious, greasy, addictive………

And so the downward spiral began….. suddenly, I was making sure I got to school early, swinging into BK and getting a cheeseburger kids meal with onion rings.

I don’t even eat burgers…. what’s happening to me??!  I loved that kids meal. I’m stuffing my face with questionable meat and salty onion rings, loving every second of it. Balling up the bag so I’m not found out when the kid gets out of school.

I have a problem. I need help.

I took my oldest in search of a burger king a couple months ago, trying to explain to her why I can’t stay away from those stupid onion rings. Found the closest one to home, the onion rings were terrible. I was so happy, thinking I was finally over my addiction.

No. It just kept me away from that one.

Now that school is out for the summer, I’m thinking I can finally wean myself off the stuff. But isn’t it funny there is a burger king very conveniently placed on my usual route when I round at various facilities during the week??? I can’t get away from them.

How many calories in the small onion rings??? Only 320. Sodium? Just 840mg. Fat?? Ha, almost NO fat–at 16 grams.

It’s not fair for them to taste so good, when they are sooooo bad.