PIYO (pronounced PIE-YO). It’s a new workout for me.

So far? I LOVE IT. I am so sorry to Jillian Michaels, who has been my workout guru thus far. I feel like such a bad friend to her right now. But it’s true, even though the PIYO workouts have increased in intensity and it’s not as easy as I led myself to believe at first…. I still feel so good DOING them, and I am much more motivated to continue my workouts than I was with Jillian.

I’ve got the kids with me most days, Sammy is the expert in child’s pose, and Jenna is Miss downward dog. They seem to love it too. Yesterday Jenna turned to me and said “beach body”, perfectly in time with the DVD, and you should see her sumo squats!

I don’t feel like I’m getting yelled at, in fact, Charlene tells me I can do child’s pose whenever I want, I don’t even have to ask. Who is Charlene you ask?? Charlene Johnson. My new imaginary best friend. She doesn’t make me do rock star jumps.

In fact, the workout is so different than most programs I’ve tried recently. A cross between Pilates and Yoga, there is a lot of fluid movement, then throwing in push ups and all different types of squats.

I’m actually trying to follow the 2 month calendar that comes with the set of DVD’s I bought. I’m following it, very loosely. But as my butt and hamstrings are sore most days, I feel something good must be coming from it.

And Charlene… well, she’s just so, so NICE. Always telling me what a great job I’m doing, and it’s ok to take a break, and even thanking me for being there!! She has some pretty good music during her workouts too, which doesn’t hurt.

Somehow as I recently compared the workouts, my mind wandered and I started to compare Jillian and Charlene, like who would win if they decided to duke it out on the yoga mat?

Probably Jillian, hands down. She’s definitely more aggressive all together, I can see her fighting dirty to make sure she wins, eye poking, fish hooking…the works. Poor Charlene…..

I guess I’m enjoying the more relaxed yet hopefully super effective PIYO workout. I love the positive reinforcement, and I feel really cool when I can keep up with all the moves. Sorry Jillian Michaels. Please, don’t hurt me.

Take THAT Jillian Michaels!!  courtesy of: tombclock.com

Take THAT Jillian Michaels!!
courtesy of: tombclock.com

"I KNOW you didn't just say that!!" tmz.com

“I KNOW you didn’t just say that!!”